Monday, 15 June 2015

Bra Review: Idina Moulded Bra by Panache

Idina Moulded Bra by Panache at Bravissimo

This gorgeous bra is the Idina Moulded Bra by Panache and one of my favourite new bras. This is a gorgeous super sexy, super soft and gentle bra which I enjoy wearing.

I was looking for a black bra with nice thin straps that I can wear under my strappy singlets in summer and this gorgeous bra does the job beautifully.  The straps don't dig in and the middle of the bra sits flat against my chest. A perfect fit.

I was also a bit concerned about the small gold rings holding the straps to the bra. I wasn't sure if it would hold my boobs up but remember the support from a bra comes from the band so the issue of the little gold rings didn't cross my mind again.  The bra does it's job.

I was also looking for a black t-shirt bra as I like a nice smooth look when I am wearing singlets in summer. I don't like the rough rumpled look you get from bulky lace bras or those heavily seamed bras either. 

Have no fear this black lace does not show through your clothing. You get a nice smooth look.

The best thing about this bra is that clothing doesn't slide down it! Let me explain. I bought another black bra before this that is all black and silky but whenever I wear a singlet it slides down and you can see waaay too much bra and boob. It's really annoying.

I feel really sexy when I wear it. It gives me added confidence. It supports my boobs, gives a beautiful shape and the padding doesn't add bulk.

Idina Moulded Bra by Panache inside padded bra
 Beautifully made inside and out.

I also have a picture inside the bra. I just wanted to show you how well it is made. It really is a beautiful bra inside and out. I love everything about it.

I think the only thing missing is a gorgeous little black bow in the middle of the cups. That will give it that final glamorous touch.  A gorgeous bra which I am proud to own.

Available in sizes 28 - 38 DD - G. (AUS 6DD - 16G)

What do you think of the Idina Moulded Bra by Panache? Do you own this bra and love it as much as I do? Let me know.

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