Sunday, 26 January 2014

Wellfitting to Launch a New Collection are about to launch a new collection of bras with band sizes 26-40 and cup sizes B-N.  The prototypes are pictured above and they would love your opinion. 

I have to say the Chevron is my favourite. It reminds me of the Missoni pattern and I love Missoni. I don't like the black trim across the cups I would keep it all pattern and them maybe have pink or aqua straps. I would need to see it. Still love it.

I also like the Nevada. It has such a sweet pink colour. I like the Victoria and I think it is very posh ie sexy and sophisticated. The Georgia is also a very sophisticated bra but more conservative which is still good. There is a bra for everyone.

The Illinois is the prefect black bra. Every girl needs a good black bra.  I love the Otylia it reminds me of a showgirl. Maybe its the frill trimming on top of the cups and then the electric blue trim which really stands out. Love it.

I am not a fan of red bras. Don't have any and not intrested. I am not a big fan of blue bras so the Cornflowers are not for me and the Scarlett is screaming for too much attention. Once again not for me.

The bras are all hand made by the Comexim company in Poland. Even though the bra is handmade for you they will still happily exchange so you can try a different size. The materials used come from Spain and Italy.  

Sizing is based on the European sizing system.  To find your true size they advise you to take underbust and overbust measurements and check the size with a calculator on their website, instead of using size converters on the internet.

The bands tend to run pretty tight which they feel is true to size. All bras are lightly padded, and give a plunge effect, perfect for a deeper cleavage.

As a special treat readers of the Bra None Blog get 15% off on every purchase with the code *branone *(valid till the end of January).

So you have read my views above what are yours? Which ones do you like? We would love to hear your opinions!

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