Saturday, 27 December 2014

Review of Marcie Bra by Cleo

Marchie Bra by Cleo from Panache

I took these photos about two months ago. Goodness where did that time go. Well now that I have a minute I can finally write this post!

This sunny, fun, bright bra is the Marcie Bra by Cleo from Panache. I was attracted to it solely by it's colour appropriately called sunshine. The minute I saw it I bought it. This bra goes perfect it today's climate, you see in Australia it is summer and it is hot!

This bra is made of mesh so your boobs breathe. It is light but it still offers support. When I felt it I thought oh no this is not going to support my boobs at all but I was wrong.

I absolutely love the lace detailing on top of the cups, especially the bows. They are so beautiful. The polka dot on the cups are adorable too. Such fun. The pink bow in the centre of the cups gives the yellow bra a pop of colour. It's so right.

I really love the thin straps they go perfect under strappy tops. They make a fashion statement on their own. They are also very comfortable. Underneath they have a felt covering so are soft on your skin and don't cut in at all. 

If you find the straps cut in then you have the wrong band size. You need to go down a size because the main support form a bra comes from the band not the straps.

I really recommend this bra. It has beautiful lace, a fun yellow colour with a pop of pink, it is soft, lets your boobs breath and offers good support. What more can you want in a bra. It has it all!

Best of all it is on sale at Bravissimo. They don't have many sizes left so get in and grab yourself a bargain.  If the sunshine colour is too bold for you it also comes in purple and blue.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas Treats at a Nice Price

figleaves Christmas Treats 2014

I don't know about you but I am on my last dollars and still have a few more gifts to buy so decided to head over to figleaves Christmas Treats store which has handpicked items at 25% off. 

There is some great items here and as much as I am trying not to by for myself I saw a bra and of course bought it for myself!

Freya Patsy Underwired Plunge Balcony Bra

Yes this is yet another Christmas treat I am spoiling myself with. You'd think I haven't bought myself anything all year hahaha!

The Freya Patsy Underwired Plunge Balcony Bra is on it's way to me as a lot of things are! I was actually after the one in pink not fuchsia but this one is on special only AUS$23 (£15.50).

I will see how I feel when I get it. This is what happens when you buy things you are not supposed to. Oh well. I have had my eye on it all year and now that it is at a great price I have made it mine wrong colour and all hahaha.

Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Floral Freya Longline Bras from Figleaves

I was searching through Figleaves and noticed some stunning longline bras. The first one I saw is the Freya Flourish Padded Longline Bra pictured above. It's pink floral of course I love it.

The pink colours are so sweet and so are the lace panels on the side. It is lower cut so perfect for summer weather and lower cut tops. Love that the floral print is on the straps.
Available in limited sizes up to a G cup.

The other longline bra I noticed is the Freya Pansy Underwired Padded Longline Bra. I absolutely adore those vibrant violet and blue colours.

The black and blue bow in the middle of the cups is adorable and the I love that the print is on the straps. To die for!

The lace trim on the top of the cups gives it a French flavour and the black lace panels on the side give it a very sexy feel.

Add the lower cut front which gives your boobs a gorgeous rounded shape with killer cleavage and this turns into a must, must have longline bra!

Available in limited sizes from 28E - 38G. (AUS 6E-16G)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Brastop Christmas Shop

Brastop Christmas Shop

Yes we are in full Christmas swing and Brastop is helping us with the Brastop Christmas Shop!

This is your one stop lingerie shop with everything from lingerie to party solutions, nightwear and stocking fillers. Not sure about sizing ask for some fitting advice.  There are also some great Editors Picks if you need a little help selecting something nice.

There are some very sexy red items such as the Curvy Kate Ritzy Bra Set and Babydoll pictured above as well as gorgeous opulent items including the Fauve Lavinia Balconette Bra in Black/Pistachio if you really want to spoil yourself or someone else!

Orders placed from 1st November -24th of December can be returned with labels attached up to the 31st of January 2015 which is very generous.

Today also there is FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING (which ends Wednesday midnight UK time) when you spend £60 (AUS$115)! Use the coupon code: WDFREE

Just note the Australian shipping deadline has passed so you may get your items after Christmas.

Also, 40% OFF stunning NEW Freya Swimwear - ends midnight Wednesday as well!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Go wild in the Maya Bra by Cleo

Maya Bra from Cleo by Panache

The second I saw the Maya Bra from Cleo by Panache I knew I had to have it and I did!

This has become one of my favourite bras because of the explosion of colours on it, the great fit, good support and the lovely shape it gives my boobs.

Firstly I love the thin pink straps. Too cute and they do the job. They look great under strappy tops. Perfect for the Aussie summer coming up. (Daylight savings starting tonight turn your clock forward 1 hr!)

The cups are soft and smooth and cover my boobs as you can see from the last pic. They give a nice rounded shaped and a very sexy cleavage as well. They keep the girls protected and looking great hahaha. No unnecessary bounce or spillage.

You can easily wear this bra under a bit of a lower cut top with no problems. And even if you can see the bra over the top who cares, look at that beautiful pink lace. Let 'em see! 

The best thing about this bra is the colours.  

What a beautiful explosion of colours. The wild animal print, the pink straps, the beautiful pink and green embroidered lace and the cutest little sunshine yellow bow will make this a year round favourite.

It makes me so happy every time I wear it. Makes me feel a bit naughty and wild hahaha.

Bras should be fun and this one offers good support, is a great fit and has beautiful colours. So what are you waiting for.

Now is the perfect time to add this beautiful large cup bra to your collection as Figleaves has 20% off everything full price and free delivery in the UK. Use code 20DEL at checkout. Ends midnight Monday 6th October.

What do you think. Is this too colourful for you. Do you prefer more subtle colours? Let me know.

Monday, 30 June 2014

My review on Tropics Bra by Freya

I was meant to have this review up a few days after I put up the teaser but two weeks have gone past! When did that happen? Ok so I wore the Tropics Bra by Freya for a week and loved it.

The red colour is really cheery in the morning especially now during Winter in Australia. That bluey/purpley fluorescent colour in the cups is my favourite. I don't know why but I love it. Maybe because it's so vibrant and unexpected.

Pretty bows on the Tropics Bra by Freya.
Cute bow!

I also love the deep pink bows they are so cute.

The plunge style worked a treat when I was wearing a lower cut sweater. It gave a nice shape and no bra peeking over the sides.

The straps are comfy though I much prefer them to be thinner.  Thick straps like this are never attractive no matter how colourful the print. 

Bold Colours on the Tropics Bra by Freya
Bold Colours

I got this bra in a larger cup size because I am finding the cup sizes are getting a bit snug and not covering and supporting my boobs as they should. Doing this I found I had a bit more room in the cups but my boobs were still covered and supported. Especially good during that time of the month when you need extra support and coverage.

The sheer material along the top of the cups and the scalloped edge are really pretty. I had no bulge and the bra fit just right.

The material on the bottom part of the cups at first felt slightly plasticey but as I wore it more it softened. I am sure after a wash and wear it will soften more. It was never uncomfortable just an observation I made.

Tropics Bra by Freya
Elastic around straps on the back.

The only thing that bothered me a bit was the elastic around the wings at the back of the bra along the top and bottom. I felt like they were a bit tight but as I continued to wear it they got a bit more comfy. I am sure after a wash and another wear it will be comfier still.

All in all I really like this bra. It's comfy, pretty and supportive. I highly recommend. It is a great buy.

Available in sizes  28DD - 38H. (AUS6DD - 16H)

Do you have this bra? What are your thoughts? Let me know.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Tartan Fling Bra by Bravissimo

Tartan Fling Bra by Bravissimo

Tartan Fling Cup by Bravissimo

Long time to hear from me. I am still here and I have a bra review for you. This bra I have been wearing for a week and I love it.

I usually go for bright colours but I really loved the more subtle colours on the Tartan Fling Bra by Bravissimo and bought it instantly.  I think I loved it because I have never seen a bra with a tartan print on it and had to have it.

What I love about this bra is how soft it is. The cups are soft, the straps are soft and the lace is soft. It is a very comfortable bra.  It doesn't dig in anywhere. It feels great. It feels so nice on my boobs too.

Even though the colours are subtle in the photos, in person they are lovely and vibrant in a subtle way. The different shades of lilac and purple, the soft cream background and the lines of aqua are really pretty.

I really love the gorgeous aqua bow with lilac bow overlay in the centre of the cups. It is so adorable.

The lattice embroidery on the top of the cups is a lovely feature and still very supportive. In the photo the lace looks thick but the lace is actually sheer. The purple flower embroidery is beautiful too.

The straps are also super silky soft and so comfortable. 

Yes this is one of my favourite bras.  It is so comfortable. Has beautiful colours and is super soft. What more can you want in a bra. I highly recommend it.

Available in sizes 28F - 38K. (AUS 6F-16K)

Monday, 10 March 2014

Pin Up Swimwear from Midnight Grace by figleaves

Pin Up Swimwear from Midnight Grace by

How hot is this retro inspired pin up swimwear? Let me answer that for you, it is super hot. I really love these high waisted bikini bottoms which seem to be the fashion trend for this season as I have seen many similar designs.

What you are viewing above is the Pin Up Underwired Bandeau Bikini Top and Pin Up High Waisted Shaping Bikini Brief from Midnight Grace by in green.

Can't you just see Marilyn Monroe in this? It is so classy and classic. I love the polka dots and stripes with slight ruching on the side.

These will definitely hide the jelly and give you a sexy shape perfect for flaunting your figure on the beach.

The bikini top also comes in a non padded underwired halter neck and if the high waisted briefs aren't for you then check out the frill bikini brief. It is super cute.

This design also comes in a lighter and darker blue. 

Available in sizes 30D - 38G

If the two piece is not for you how about the stunning strapless pin up swimwear one piece with detachable straps below. 

Pin Up shaping swimsuit front from Midnight Grace by figleaves

Pin Up shaping swimsuit back from Midnight Grace by figleaves

What do you think, do you like retro designs or do you prefer more modern designs? Let me know.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Top 5 Tips on Caring for your Bras

Bra Voe Bra Storage

This is a good little list on caring for your bras that I found at They have a bra storage system which is a very good invention. This list was written up by Helena the inventor of Bra-Voe. Do you have any good bra caring tips?

Top 5 Tips on Caring for your Bras

1. When washing your bras in a washing machine, always put them into a lingerie bag. This will prevent the bras hooks from catching on the delicate material or getting caught and twisted within the wash.

2. Make sure you use a delicate cycle with cool water and mild detergent to help protect the delicate fabric.

3. Alternate bras more often so you don't end up washing the same bras over and over causing them to lose their shape more quickly.

4. Never put your bras in the dryer or wring them out. Let them drip dry on a clothes rack.

5. When storing bras never invert the cups because it can lead to lumps and dimples in the fabric and padding. These lumps can show through your clothing and ruin your outfit. Instead use Bra-Voe to store your bras.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Loving the exuberant Freya Tropics Plunge Bra

Freya Tropics Plunge Bra

The second I saw the Freya Tropics Plunge Bra I said WOW! I love all those bright, vibrant colours plus it is the perfect colour for a red hot Valentine's Day.

I really love it when the colours run over the straps. I think all bras should do this as bra straps can usually be seen through tops in summer so why not make it part of your outfit. 

Love the red bows, love the sheer cups and the brilliant floral design. I also love the blues peeking through the reds. What a wonderful combination. 

From the 13th February- Monday 17th February you can get this stunning bra at 20% off by using the code TWENTY at checkout. Figleaves has a sale with 20% off everything sitewide so why not treat yourself to this bra you deserve it!

Available in sizes 28D - 38G (AUS6D - 16G)

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Lepel Hello Sailor Retro Swimwear

Lepel Hello Sailor Moulded Bikini Top Red

I was moseying through the swimwear at Brastop when I came along the striking Lepel Hello Sailor Bikini. The bikini top is underwired with moulded cups that are lightly padded.

The bikini is decorated with a beautiful striking red retro floral print and pinstripe trims. I love that big floppy bow in the centre of the cups. 

Available in sizes 32D - 38G (AUS 10D - 16G)

Lepel Hello Sailor Deep Pant Red

What attracted me was not the bikini top but the bikini bottoms. I adore the Lepel Hello Sailor Deep Pant. This is where the beautiful retro floral print comes alive.

You can see the bold red, the beautiful retro flowers with blue centres and the pinstripe detail around the waist. Now this is style!

These are very flattering bikini bottoms that will flatten the jelly, give you a sexy silhouette and have you feeling fabulously confident on the beach this stinking hot summer!

As I write this at 9.40pm it is 31C/88F. It actually went 41C/106F today! Yes it has been a very hot summer. Can't remember when it was this hot before. Stay cool!

Available in sizes 8 - 18 (AUS 10 - 20)

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Seduction by Gorgeous from Debehams D-H Cup Bras

Seduction by Gorgeous Ivory Lace Trim Balcony Bra up to G cup

I have never noticed the Seduction by Gorgeous from Debenhams line before so I will assume it is new and snuck in without me noticing it!

I am thrilled to have found it because there are similar items at Boux Avenue but those bras are available in smaller cup sizes and I miss out but the Seduction line goes up to a H cup so I win!

The bra I noticed was the Seduction by Gorgeous Ivory Lace Trim balcony bra pictured above which alerted me to this line. It looked very different to what I normally see from the Gorgeous line by Debenhams and because of this I had to have a closer inspection.

It is an elegant bra. I love the gentle ruching on the cups made of ivory satin and the lovely black lace trim on the cups that are slightly padded.

I also like the contrasting black trim on the straps and bottom of the bra. Just beautiful.

Also available in this range is the ivory lace trim hipster briefs and ivory lace trim thong.

Available in sizes 30DD - 40G  (AUS 8DD - 18G)

Seduction by Gorgeous from Debenhams Black Lace Balcony Bra up to H cup

The other bra that stood out for me is the Seduction by Gorgeous from Debenhams Black Lace Balcony Bra. 

What I noticed is that the top of the cups are made of sheer mesh with no trims. I love the simplicity of it. There is some beautiful lace detailing on the bottom portion of the cups that looks like a flower. I love the silky black straps too. It is a beautiful, sophisticated bra.

Also available in this range is black lace mesh briefs, thong and a very sexy lace suspender belt.

Bra available in sizes 30DD - 40H (AUS 8DD - 18H)

The other bra I really like in the Seduction from Gorgeous by Debenhams is the Black lace bra. Yes the bra above has the same name as this one. Come on Debenhams get creative, you can do better than this!

I like this bra because it has a sexy French boudoir flavour.  The cups are slightly padded with beautiful black lace overlay that has eyelash trims and satin panelling with a silky black bow in the centre of the cups and sexy ruched straps. A very seductive bra.

And how cute are those black lace bikini briefs? Also available in this range is a black lace insert babydoll (really sexy just ignore the boring name) and a black lace thong.

Available in sizes 30DD - 40GG (AUS 8DD - 18GG)

Note this is an extremely popular line and sizes are selling fast so get in quick to avoid disappointment. Don't dawdle like me then curse when your size sells out. I always do it. D'oh!

Which one is your favourite? I really like them all.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Swimwear365 for Swimwear Year Round

Lascana Purple Wrap Effect Swimsuit

Swimwear365 is a great to go if you are looking for swimwear. The temperatures are rising this week and may even get to 40C/105F by this weekend.

I love this website because it has a large selection of bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits in many different styles, patterns and prints.

Their sizes range from A-K cups, 6 to 34 in swimwear sizes and items XS to 5XL. It's because of this that I thought I would let you know. I like to pass on any good finds.

One of the swimsuits that stood out for me is the Lascana Purple Wrap Effect Swimsuit pictured above. I love that vibrant pink in the middle and the purple around the back. Available in sizes 10B - 22E. 

Just note they need to work on their search feature which is a little frustrating.  It searches for sizes separately. So when I searched for my cup size, 30G it showed all items in the band size then the cup size. So now I just search by cup size. It makes it easier.

There is a good selection for DD+ cups but the larger the cup sizes the smaller the selection gets but there are some beautiful items to choose from. I really love all the vibrant colours and prints.

I noticed there a quite a few bikini top's sold by band size. Has anyone bought just by band size?  I think it would only work for those with smaller boobs. Being a G cup I doubt I would fit into a standard size 8 or 10. I think my boobs would just spill over!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hearts Amour Bra by Bravissimo

Hearts Amour Bra by Bravissimo

If you are looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas look no further than this sweeter than sweet Hearts Amour Bra by Bravissimo. I saw the hearts on this bra and I went awwwwwww.

This is a lightly padded half cup bra that is lined with cotton. It has black swirl embroidery and sweet little pink hearts all over it. Adorable. 

I also love the little pink bows in between the cups and on the straps.

Available in sizes 28DD - 38HH (AUS 6DD - 16HH)

New Curvy Kate Swimwear

Curvy Kate Seashell Halterneck Bikini
It's hot, hot, hot outside and so is the new Curvy Kate 2014 swimwear collection. There were two pieces that stood out for me when I searched through the selection Belle Lingerie has.

The first one is the too cute Curvy Kate Seashell Halterneck Bikini. How adorable are the little seashells that look like polka dots? You can never got wrong with polka dots and this red and white number is a winner.  The little seashell charm in between the cups is such beachy fun.

Pair it with the skirted bikini bottom that has the most gorgeous ruffle and you will be the cutest chick on the beach. Those bottoms are really flattering. There are three different bottom styles you can choose from. This is also available in a tankini.

Available in sizes 30DD - 38G (AUS 8DD - 16G).  Available up to a HH cup.

Curvy Kate Marina Bikini

This is the other design that I said yes please to. It is the Curvy Kate Marina Bikini. Once again it looks like a blue and white polka dot print but on closer inspection the polka dots are tiny little boats. How adorable?  I really love that big blue nautical bow in the centre.

The bikini top has lightly moulded cups to give you a lovely round shape and support your prized assets! There are two different bottoms you can choose from but I think the tie side bikini bottoms are so cute. 

Available in sizes 30DD - 38G (AUS 8DD - 16G). Available up to a HH cup.

Also note there is a 10% discount on Curvy Kate's New Swimwear line this week so get in quick and bag yourself a bargain!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts at Boux Avenue

I love the Valentine's Day gifts Boux Avenue has available. I love pink and this collection features a lot of it. It is such a sweet colour and some of the designs are so pretty and feminine that they melt my heart. I hope you get inspired with some Valentine's Day ideas.

I watched the video above and it featured some of my favourite large cup size bras in their collection so I have focused only on them in this post.

Boux Avenue Henrietta Satin and Lace Balconette Bra
The first and last bra that features in the Valentine's Day gifts video is the Henrietta Satin and Lace Balconette Bra. It has a very intriguing design I have never seen before. I love these types of bras. It is a vintage design in a lovely soft mauve.

The bra is made up of a sating sling casing that is ruched in the centre and has cream corded lace as a trim for the cups and a lovely bow in the centre. This bra is available up to an E cup. Such a same. Would have been nice to have it in larger cup sizes.

Boux Avenue Libby Lace and Satin Plunge Bra
The next bra we see is on the model holding flowers and the message on screen says 'love flowers'.  This lovely bra is the Libby Lace and Satin Plunge bra.

I love the sweet pink colour on this boudoir inspired balconette bra that has black eyelash lace trimming the cups. The straps are cushioned and the side panels or wings on the bra are layered with mesh. That large satin black bow in the centre of the cups is a classy touch. Available up to an  F cup.   

Boux Avenue Ebony Bow Balconette Bra
The Ebony Bow Balconette Bra  is unmissable as the model smoulders in this set holding the red love balloon.

This smoking hot balconette bra comes in a devilish red colour which would make the devil howl with pleasure. It is made of sumptuous red satin and is overlaid with seductive black lace.

I love that the casing for the wires is in black satin such a great contrast idea and the black bow and straps help to make this a very seductive bra. Available up to a G cup. 

Boux Avenue Carina Full Support Plunge Bra
I would love to eat that giant chocolate the model is holding while wearing the very sexy Carina Full Support Plunge Bra which is in a deep hot pink colour.

The cups are made of soft microfibre that will give you some killer cleavage. The sides of the bra are trimmed with seductive black lace but I doubt anyone is going to be looking there when you wear this hot number!

When you purchase the Carina Plunge 20% of proceeds go to Breast Cancer Care.  Available up to a G cup.

Boux Avenue Jesse Plisse Mesh Balconette Bra
I think the Jesse Plisse Mesh Balconette Bra is my favourite in the video. You will notice it with the model kneeling down near the LOVE sign and on the screen are the words Loves Me.

I love the baby pink colour of this bra and the beautiful plisse of the material on the cups. So sweet. The cups are trimmed with delicate black eyelash lace. It has an old Hollywood look for me when innocence was king.  It is such a lovely tender looking bra.

The thin straps and the beautiful bow with a heart sharped charm in the centre makes this absolutely charming and divine. Love it. Available up to an E cup.  (Unfortunate for those of us who require larger cup sizes. Such a beautiful bra.)
If ordering from Australia please contact Boux Avenue by phone and get in quick so you get this in time! Otherwise just order online for other countries.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Wellfitting to Launch a New Collection are about to launch a new collection of bras with band sizes 26-40 and cup sizes B-N.  The prototypes are pictured above and they would love your opinion. 

I have to say the Chevron is my favourite. It reminds me of the Missoni pattern and I love Missoni. I don't like the black trim across the cups I would keep it all pattern and them maybe have pink or aqua straps. I would need to see it. Still love it.

I also like the Nevada. It has such a sweet pink colour. I like the Victoria and I think it is very posh ie sexy and sophisticated. The Georgia is also a very sophisticated bra but more conservative which is still good. There is a bra for everyone.

The Illinois is the prefect black bra. Every girl needs a good black bra.  I love the Otylia it reminds me of a showgirl. Maybe its the frill trimming on top of the cups and then the electric blue trim which really stands out. Love it.

I am not a fan of red bras. Don't have any and not intrested. I am not a big fan of blue bras so the Cornflowers are not for me and the Scarlett is screaming for too much attention. Once again not for me.

The bras are all hand made by the Comexim company in Poland. Even though the bra is handmade for you they will still happily exchange so you can try a different size. The materials used come from Spain and Italy.  

Sizing is based on the European sizing system.  To find your true size they advise you to take underbust and overbust measurements and check the size with a calculator on their website, instead of using size converters on the internet.

The bands tend to run pretty tight which they feel is true to size. All bras are lightly padded, and give a plunge effect, perfect for a deeper cleavage.

As a special treat readers of the Bra None Blog get 15% off on every purchase with the code *branone *(valid till the end of January).

So you have read my views above what are yours? Which ones do you like? We would love to hear your opinions!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Curvy Kate 2014 Lingerie Collection

I love the colours and styles in Curvy Kate's new Autumn Winter Lingerie Collection for 2014 so thought I would share the video with you.

Enjoy this sneak peek of a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot for their latest collection. 

These styles will be available in the coming months.

What do you think which ones are your favourite?

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Blue Strawberry Bikini from Gorgeous by Debenhams

Gorgeous by Debenhams Blue Strawberry Bikini with frilled bottoms

How adorable is this Blue strawberry bikini with frilled bikini bottoms. The second I saw it I bought it even though my credit card is maxed out! Come on it is too cute. It is so cute and girly and frilly and it has strawberries how could I resist!

And look at how adorable those frilly bikini bottoms are. They are to...die...for!  I am going to look adorable in this.

I am going on a weekend away to Perth where I was living for a few years. Some friends organised a day of snorkeling at Rottnest Island and I couldn't resist. Goodness I am impulsive aren't I? It makes life interesting, hahahaha.

Rottnest is better than any island in the Caribbean or anywhere gorgeous. The snorkeling is amazing. So beautiful. I can't wait!

There are limited sizes to the bikini top because it is soooooo cute. 

Available in sizes:
Bikini Tops from 32DD - 38G (AUS 10DD - 16G)
Bikini Bottoms from 8-18  (AUS 10 - 22)

Since I take a size 30G up top and the sizes start from 32 what I do is go up a band size and down a cup size to FF and it works, so 30G to 32FF.

Do you do this as well? We have to do what must be done to get what we want!

Anyway I just thought I would let you know about this bikini because I thought it was too cute to keep to myself. Enjoy.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Sports Bras for Big Busts

Panache Sports Bra by Panache for Big Busts

Bravissimo has a great range of sports bras for big busts. They also have a new offer where you can save £5 (AUS$9.50) on sports bras & sports swimwear until end of Jan. This offer comes at the perfect time - Summer and New Years resolutions!

Australia has just gone through a sizzling heatwave which saw temps in Melbourne hit 44C/111F in the last few days and has just ended four days over 40C/104F.

So it's time to head to the gym to get the jiggly bits firmed up so we can hit the beach with a little more confidence. I know I need to do this!  The other day I had to look for my high waisted bikini bottoms when I went to the beach! Eeeek!

There were two bras for big busts that stood out for me when I had a look through the Bravissimo website.

The Panache Sports Bra by Panache got my attention because of all the fun, bright colours. I love the feature on the back which allows you the option of changing it into a racerback. There is a little hook on one of the rings so you can just hook it up and off you go. This sports bra is underwired.

This is a very popular sports bra for women with large breasts as there are over 40 pages of reviews from very happy customers.  You can't g wrong with that!

Available in sizes 28DD - 40GG (AUS 6DD - 18GG) (goes up to a H cup)

Max Sports Top by Shock Absorber - Sports bras for large breasts

If you prefer the classic black and white then you will love the Max Sports Top by Shock Absorber. This sports bra is wire free.

The Max Sports Top is a soft full cup wire free sports bra. It is a little crop top too which means you can wear it as outwear when you head off to the gym.

To get this sports bra on which is great for big busts you just need to pull it over your head then hook it up. 
It is made from moisture-wicking, breathable, high performance fabrics which is wonderful as it avoids you getting all sweaty. Don't you just hate that? I know I do. But sometimes it feels good because you know you have had a great workout.

Available in sizes 28D - 40HH (AUS 6D - 18HH).

There are nine sports bras for big busts that you can choose from so if you would like to look at a larger section head on over and check them out.

What is a D Cup?

What is a D cup you ask?  Wellfitting was kind enough to send this infographic to clear that up.

They state that there is no such thing as size D breasts. As an example a size 28D bra will fit a smaller bust than a 36D size bra.

Cup sizes vary depending on the band size. The bigger the band the deeper the cup size will be.

So when you shop for the right size bra for you fit the band size first and then match the cup size that fits you well!
Sage advice!

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