Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bra-Voe to Store and Protect Your Bras

Bra-Voe Bra Storage Device
Bra-Voe in my drawer

Bra-Voe Bra Storage Device
Flipping through my bras to select the one I want

Bra-Voe Bra Storage Device
Bra-Voe stores and protects my bras.   

Bra-Voe Bra Storage Device
Place a bra on each mould and tuck it in behind the clips

Bra-Voe Bra Storage Device Beautifully Packaged
Beautifully packaged 

I was a very lucky girl this week when I received Bra-Voe to review.

Bra-Voe is a wonderful device to store your bras so you don't damage them especially the moulded or padded ones.  It is made from a very durable plastic so will not crack easily and will last a long time.

You can install Bra-Voe on the wall, behind a door on a shelf or place it in your draw as I have done. The package comes with double sided tape so you can tape it in place but I am very fussy and have very full drawers so just placed it in the corner of my draw where it sits beautifully.

It comes in black and white and is packaged in a beautiful keepsake box. I dare you to throw it away! Each package has 4 moulds, screws if you want to place it on the wall or door and adhesive tape if you want to fasten it on the shelf or in a draw. Each mould has clips so you can slide your bra onto it and tuck away the straps behind it for fuss free storage.

I was a bit worried it would be a bit difficult to rip a bra off a mould as it is tucked in quite well but I had no probably quickly taking a bra off in the morning before work as I changed my mind last minute about what I was going to wear and needed a suitable undergarment. I am sure we have all been there!

You can easily flick through the bras to choose which one you would like to wear for the day. Actually you can glance through because you can clearly see each one. For someone who has about 30 bras and growing this device is invaluable.

Bra-Voe comes in three sizes Sweet, Sassy and Laveesh the latter the size I have and will be for those of us with large cup size bras but check the sizes at checkout if you require a smaller one.

We have Helen Crumpton and six years of hard work and near bankruptcy to thank for this wonderful design which does not go unrewarded. This year at the Sydney Design Awards Bra-Voe won the Product Design in the Consumer category.  We offer a big CONGRATULATIONS to Helen for winning this award.

Shipping for the moment is only to Australia but stay tuned.

Go to for more information.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Secret Figleaves Promo Code!

Freya Lets Twist Again Underwired Bra

I was moseying through Figleaves which I hadn't done in a while, not sure why but anyway, I found a bra I really wanted and have been tempted. It is the super fun Lily Bra by Cleo which I have written about previously.

Since I am on a really strict budget at the moment I wondered if there was a promo code to help me save a bit more money.

So off I went searching for promo codes for Figleaves and what did I find? A doozy of a promo code. And even better it actually worked! So what is the secret Figleaves Promo code?

Shhhhhh it's ................................................................................................. TEMPTED!  You get 20% off it only works on full priced items and expires on the 31st of October!

Oh and pictured above is the Lets Twist Again Bra by Freya. I noticed it while I was moseying through.

I love the name I love the crazy swirls especially since they go over the straps, the beautiful embroidery on the lace cup, the scalloped edging and the pink bows. What is not to like? It's next on my buy list. I hope I can find another promo code when I can afford to get it!  Available in sizes 28D-38G up to a H cup!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Elomi's Stunning Renne Plus Size Bra Set Available at Debenhams

Elomi Red 'Renne' underwired banded bra and brief

Right now Debenhams has a Great Giftcard Giveaway. You will get a free £10 (AUS$17)  gift card when you spend £50 (AUS$84) or more!

You don't need to tell me twice this sounds like a great offer so off I went scouting Debenhams DD+ lingerie section to see what was on offer. Normally I look for my own size but this time I decided to search everything including plus size bra sets to see what I could find.

Well I was rewarded with the absolutely stunning Renne Bra and Briefs in Red by Elomi. WOW!  (pictured above)

This plus size bra set has a sheer cup bra with strong lining and elasticated edges for easy fit and the most gorgeous pink vintage inspired florals and the cutest little red bows dotted around the cups.

Elomi have really outdone themselves with this plus size bra set as it is selling out fast as you can imagine. Who wouldn't want to look as drop dead gorgeous as this model in this stunning set. As a reward for purchasing it you get the gift card as well! Yeah! A double treat.

Available in sizes 38E - 44G (AUS 16E-22G ) and the briefs are available in sizes M - 4XL

Also note this October Debenhams is raising money for breast cancer research and care through Debenhams 'Think Pink' initiative.

All money raised will be donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer (45%), Breast Cancer Campaign (45%) and Pink Ribbon Foundation (10%). 

So buy to give to breast cancer research and care and then treat yourself twice over by buying pink for yourself and then receiving the giftcard. Oh Happy Days!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Bright Big Boobed Bras Made in Preston

Winter Lace Punk Bra by Made in Preston up to a J cup

I am always on the look out for big bras for big busts. If I find a new label I want to let you know about them.

Well I was travelling through the internet the other day and came across Made in Preston. The bright colours drew me right to them and got me really excited. Then I read a bit more about this company and I got even more excited. 

Everything is designed, sampled, graded, produced, packaged and Made in Preston which is in the North West of England hence the label name. So when you buy from Made in Preston the money stays in the UK and helps support local people to keep this fun label going. Surely that should get you excited. I will always help promote the little guys.

So of course while I was perusing their collection the brightest design appealed to me which is the Winter Punk Lace Lingerie (pictured above). I love originality and I can honestly say I have never seen a peace sign printed on a bra before. Love it! 

The Winter Lace Punk Bra is a plunge bra which is designed to give you great cleavage. It has bright fun punk lace detail with cute little black bows.

Available in sizes 26DD - 38G  Goes up to a J cup.

Made in Preston also makes clothes for the bigger boobed community. May I suggest the Black Fitted Peplum Top.

I don't know about you but every time I have seen someone in the street with big boobs wearing this it looks ridiculously tight and very stretched around the breast area and very unattractive. Well no more.   Made in Preston make these by bra size. Now we just need to get the word out!

What do you think of the Winter Punk Lace design. Is it too bright for you? What do you think of the peace signs. Do you like them? 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Curvy Couture Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Curvy Couture pink t-shirt bra

Plus size lingerie brand Curvy Couture is donating 10% of sales from any pink plus size bras during the month of October. They are donating the money to The Pink Heals Tour which raises cancer awareness and helps support those battling cancer.

The Pink Heals Tour consists of volunteers, firefighters, and police officers that donate their time to driving pink fire engines and police cars across the US to fund raise and offer support to local communities. 

So it's pink bras they want us to buy then pink bras we shall.

How about the pretty in sweet pink T-Shirt Bra (pictured above). This is a Curvy Couture signature micro-lined bra with a keyhole front. It is a lightly padded, soft bra perfect for everyday or when you want they smooooooooooth look under your clothes.

Available in US sizes 36C - 44H

Curvy Couture Mystique Floral Embroidery Bra

If you want something a little more exotic you can't go past the stunning Mystique Floral Embroidery Bra.  I love that beautiful kaleidoscope of colours that are embroidered on the cups. What a beautiful floral bouquet they make.

Here again you have that cute little keyhole centre front. The cups are unlined and the bra has adjustable criss-cross back straps.

Available in US sizes 36C - 44DDD

If you are in the US you get free shipping and free returns. So what are you waiting for? If you want to make a difference then this is your chance. Buy a bra and know you are doing good.

Happy Shopping!

A little resource if you need a Bra converter

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lunaire Bras for Curvey Girls

Seduction Seamless Bra by Lunaire

I was contacted by Lunaire a lingerie manufacturer in the US to review their bras. They have a lot of lacy bras which I don't wear as they make my nipples itchy but I might change my mind due to the beautiful bras on offer here. Plus I want to help promote labels that cater specifically to those of us who need larger cup size bras.

Lunaire have three collections under their label:

Lunaire styles have a more classic look. I really love the Lace Bra with Spaghetti Center in Sapphire. It is a stunning colour.  The Illusion lace bra has a fine lace overlay in a pretty violet colour.  The Floral Embroidery Bra has a very interesting embroidery pattern on the cups. Must see to believe. Avoid the few gran styles there. 

Whimsy has young and flirty designs. I like the Stretch Mesh Bra which is a very sophisticated design and the Contemporary Lace Bra in purple is pretty but in a larger cup size I doubt it would offer any support. 

Simply Sexy is my favourite collection of bras because the colours are bold and the designs are sexy. This line includes the Seduction Seamless Bra (pictured above) which also happens to be the models favourite which you can tell from her gorgeous smile. It is in a beautiful vibrant purple colour with a little lace trim and smooth cups. Love it. Now please make it in my size!

Lunaire need to get adventurous with the bra names as almost all the bras have lace in their title.There are such fun names they can come up with. Have fun with it.

They also need to put in a bra size search feature as I only found one of the bras in a G cup but I can't remember which now and I am not going through all the bras again to find out.

They also need to have smaller band sizes. I am a size 30 (AUS size 8) so I and those smaller than me  miss out on these beautiful bras. That is a big market that is being neglected. Help fill it please!

The range is between a US size 32-48 (AUS 12-28) C-G cup but I found it hard to find anything past a DDD cup (an E cup for the rest of us). 

It's great that they have larger sizes in the band but they need to expand their cup sizes which I am sure they will do in time. This is where that bra size search feature would be invaluable. People don't have time to waste searching every bra to find the ones which go up to a G cup.

There are some great designs and colours here and they are fun and exciting. Lunaire just need to consider my points above and then they will be well on their way to being a great brand that caters to the big boobed and proud community.

Friday, 18 October 2013

New Sexy Large Cup Bras at Bravissimo

Alice Bra by Masquerade

Normally I go for bright coloured large cup bras with fun prints but Bravissimo has some new very sexy and sophisticated bras that made me go WOW when I saw them.

The first sexy large cup bra I saw is the Alice by Masquerade pictured above. It is a gorgeous lightly padded plunge bra that is cotton lined in a deep shade of grey! Hubba, hubba.

Hmm I wonder if Mr. Grey would approve. Hopefully not because we all now what comes next!

I am madly in love with those skinny satin straps. So hot. The cups have scalloped edges with a stunning floral design in shimmery metallic colours of gold, deep red and granite and a beautiful organza bow in the middle of the cups. Such luxury.

This design is a MAJOR WOW! 

Available in sizes 6DD - 16G (28DD - 38G)

Envy Bra by Panache in black

The other sexy large cup bra that I saw on Bravissimo is the Envy Bra by Panache.

What drew my attention was the dogtooth fabric effect. I have never seen that before on a bra. I love it! It is so fresh and new. I absolutely adore the lace between the cups as well and the lace that trims the cups. It is such a sexy large cup bra but really smart and sophisticated.

How can you not help but feel sexy wearing this gorgeous large cup bra. You will just exude confidence and sexuality in the Envy Bra by Panache.

Once again madly in love with the sexy thin straps. Large sizes have some padding on the straps for added comfort. Check the site for more info. This bra is also available in Nude.

Once again Bravissimo you have come up trumps with your gorgeous selection of large cup bras. I feel so spoiled for choice. 

Available in sizes 8E - 16K (30E - 38K)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Pink Bras for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Smoothie Bra by Curvy Kate in Raspberry

Esty Lingerie, Bra Stop and Boux Avenue are donating money in October to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Brastop are donating £1 (AUD$1.70) for every pink item you buy in October and are donating it to Cancer Research UK.

You can head over to their Think Pink page where you can watch their 4 Steps to Checking your Breasts Video and also read the Guide to Checking your Breasts. Both excellent resources to help you with your breast care. 

Also on the Think Pink page are pink bras you can chose from that Brastop will donate money from. I had a little perusal through the Brastop pages and found the gorgeous Smoothie Bra by Curvy Kate in the delicious shade of Raspberry.

It is a beautiful t-shirt bra that will give you a smooth seam free silhouette under you clothing. The Smoothie is lightly padded and has an animal print and the cutest pink ribbon bow details on the straps and in the middle of the cups.

I absolutely love the silky neon pink straps.

Available in sizes 6D - 16G (28D - 38G) (Goes up to a J cup)

Boux Avenue Ebony Full Support Balconette Bra

Boux Avenue are also donating £1 (AUD$1.70) for every pink item you buy in October and are donating it to Breast Cancer Care.

The bra I found is the luxurious Ebony Full Support Balconette Bra. It is a tantalisingly seductive bra with a soft pink silky satin base and luxurious black lace overlay.

I have to say I am not a fan of this style of strap it's not necessary to be this wide but it is a stunning bra.  The cups are not padded but they do have a firm cradle which adds secret support and shape.

Love that gorgeous silky black bow in the centre of the cups. 

Available in sizes 8DD - 16G (30DD - 38G)

Crystal Skull Choker by Esty Lingerie

Esty Lingerie have gone in a direction that is a darker shade of grey and decided to donate £5 of the £10.99 price tag of their Crystal Skull Choker.  It is one of their most popular accessories items. They will be donating the money to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity.

The choker is a bondage-inspired central bra strap that will slip over any bra. It is made of luxurious  black satin elastic with coated metal sliders and is adorned with a satin ribbon bow and a light pink crystal skull.

The length and neck size is fully adjustable and is handmade in the UK.

So there you go three great ways to donate money to help beat breast cancer. Get to it!

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