Thursday, 6 June 2013

Curvy Kate Bra Fitting Guide

Here is a great Bra Fitting Guide by Curvy Kate featuring their model Laura Butler.

I totally agree with all these steps. There are too many people on the internet with too many wrong opinions on how to fit a bra but Curvy Kate have got it right.

Remember these Top Bra Fitting Tips:

The Straps

Tighten up your straps so that two fingers can fit underneath. Only 20% of the support should come from the straps.

The Band

Always start with the back band on the loosest hook. You can tighten it with wash and wear over the months that follow.

The Cups

Lean forward and give your boobs a jiggle holding the point where your straps meet the cup.

Always check your wires too! Right from your underarm, all the way around and in between your boobs the under wire needs to sit flat. Give all these tips a go and notice the difference it makes to your boobs, your posture and even your outfits!

More more info check out Curvy Kate's Blog on Tips for the Perfect Fit

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Two Beautiful Large Cup Bikini Tops

Gold Coast Bikini by Miss Mandalay

Wow long time no post. That's what happens when you move from Perth back to Melbourne. Not a good idea to do it during Winter but here we are.

Anyway I saw an email in my inbox from Bravissimo that read High Summer and without looking at it  I bolted across to the website to sun myself in the pictures of the latest swimwear.

I love colour so those that were the brightest quickly caught my eye. The first one is the Gold Coast Bikini by Miss Mandalay.
I love the seventies bohemian look of this gorgeous bikini. I love the colours and pattern on the halterneck. The red, lime green, orange and aqua blues are divine.

I really love the tie side bikini bottom but these are too tiny even for me so will stick with the briefs. 

Available in sizes 6E - 16GG (28E-38GG).

Aloha Daisy Bikini by Bravissimo

How super cute is this Aloha Daisy Bikini by Bravissimo.

It meets all my requirements:

1. Bright colours
2. Cute

So it's a winner!

I love all the colourful flowers. How adorable. It just screams summer. This is a lightly padded plunge bikini but still offers support. I have a few plunge bikinis and have never had a wardrobe malfunction.

I love the floral straps. I love the cut of the bikini top it is so sexy. I really love the bow in between the cups and the colourful beads just say fun.

The tiny tie side bikini bottoms are the cutest. I really love the tie sides and the again the colourful beads  are such fun. 

Available in sizes 6DD - 14J (28DD - 36J)

What do you think are these too colourful for you or do you agree with me that they are too cute?

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