Friday, 20 December 2013

DD+ Swimwear

Boux Avenue Corsica gingham bow bikini

It is stinking hot in Melbourne at the moment. Today it hit 40C/104F and I am going to have one sleepless night.

So summer is here and it is beach time so what swimwear to buy and where?

I always head to my favourite online stores when I need swimwear and the first one I went to tonite was Boux Avenue. That is where I found the 50's themed Boux Avenue Corsica gingham bow bikini pictured above. It's fun, it's spunky,  it's retro and I love it. The cute pic helps a lot too.  Available in sizes 30B-38F (AUS 8B - 16F)

San Marino Swimsuit from Bravissimo

I think 90% of my swimwear is from Bravissimo. I love the colours and styles they choose and I really like the Bravissimo line as well and that is where the San Marino Swimsuit is from.

I love the berry colour and the white polka dots are too cute.  I also love the design on the back and the pearlised bead trims are such fun. The  draw strings around the legs allow you to adjust the coverage around the bottom area. What a great idea. Perfect for those of us with a little junk in our trunk!   Available in sizes 30DD - 38K (AUS 8DD - 16K)

Blue Wave Stripe Tankini from Just Peachy by Figleaves

Figleaves has a fabulous selection of all types of swimwear including bikinis, swimsuits and tankini's and the latter is what I have chosen from Figleaves huge swimwear collection..

The Blue Wave Stripe Tankini from Just Peachy by Figleaves is the perfect summer swimsuit. It has bright colours that are perfect for a glorious sunny day at the beach or by the pool. This is a halter neck style which you tie yourself.  Available in sizes 32C-38G (AUS 10C - 16G)

Figleaves also has 30% off selected Freya swimwear. This is one of the good things about being in the Southern hemisphere. We get the swimwear sales as everyone else is heading into winter!

The other place I head to when I want to buy DD+ swimwear is Brastop because they have a massive swimwear selection. They also have a sale on a lot of their swimwear too. Another great opportunity to buy.

There is over 120 individual pieces of DD+ swimwear you can choose from. I always find it had to decide but am thrilled to have the selection.

Well that should keep you busy for a little while!

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