Monday, 4 November 2013

Red Bras to Wear When Told Not to Wear Red Bras

Chloe Lace Plunge Bra by Boux Avenue

Fashion law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner warned women not to wear red bras in a blog post on their site which has since been removed.

The post stated "You have one day, or at the very most two weeks, to make an impression and you don't want that impression to be 'Nice to know she likes red bras',” and “Nothing ruins an outfit like bumpy lace showing through your top or bulges on your bottom.”

Well I thought I would have some fun with this and went searching for some seductive red lacy bras that will be perfect if you work at Berwin Leighton Paisner or want to stand up for the sisterhood like me!

Lets start with the most seductive red lace bra I could find. It is the jaw dropping Chloe Lace Plunge Bra by Boux Avenue pictured above.  It comes in two tone lace so lots of red and black and gives incredible cleavage.

If this doesn't have the boys walking into walls nothing will. Perfect for under a white shirt with a few too many buttons undone and everyone will be talking about that cleavage too.

Available in sizes 8A - 18F (30A - 40F)

Princess Bra in Scarlet & Chilli by Curvy Kate

The next red bra on our hit list is the Princess Bra in Scarlet & Chilli by Curvy Kate.  This balconette bra is semi-sheer and has lovely bumpy little polkadot embroidery to add some texture. Great for under a white shirt.

I especially love the red hot chilli coloured ribbon detail on the top of the cups. A button too many undone and everyone in the office will admire it too. A win-win for all.

Available in sizes 6D - 22E (28D - 44E) and goes up to a K cup.

Mademoiselle Bra by Bravissimo

The next smoking red hot bra you can wear is the Mademoiselle Bra by Bravissimo.  This beautiful half cup bra may give you a little jiggle and bulge but it is all for the good of the sisterhood. Soldier on I say.

There is stunning detailed black lace on the cups with scalloped black lace trimming the tops of the cups. Once again a few buttons open and everyone in the office gets to admire your spectacular cleavage and the workmanship of the lace on this very sexy red bra. Christmas has come early for all!

Available in sizes 6DD-16HH (28DD - 38HH)

Andorra Full Cup Bra in Spice by Panache
Let's move on to the next red lacy bra and what do we find here? Well it's the beautiful Andorra Full Cup Bra in Spice by Panache one of my favourite bra brands.

And yes spice is what we need - red spice! I love the bold red colour on this bra. It is stunning. Make no mistake people will definitely know you are wearing a red bra under your shirt when you wear this. Perfect!

The full cups are perfect to show a little above the shirt line or over a nice white top. It will be a wonderful contrast to the white of your top. It offers uplifting shape which will also show some cleavage. Shall we start singing Merry Christmas now?

Available in sizes 10F - 16J (32F - 38J).

Amour Longline Strapless Bra by Pour Moi?

Now if we really want to make a red impact we must wear a long line bra and what better then the very sexy Amour Longline Bra by Pour Moi? available from Figleaves.

There is plenty of red to be seen through a white shirt with this. Lots on the front and back. This has padded cups to give your boobs extra ooopmh so your co-workers can admire or envy your horizon red cleavage and adjustable straps in case you want to go extra sexy and wear a strapless top.

Available in sizes 8D - 16F (30D - 38F).

Red Spotted Bra by Gorgeous from Debenhams

Last but not least we come to the Red Spotted Bra by Gorgeous from Debenhams. I love the silky red sheen of this bra with the textured red spots and the frilly black lace that trims the tops of the cups.

I also love the cute little black bows on the inside of the cups and when you undo one button more on your shirt then your colleagues will be able to admire these cute little ribbons too and applaud your great taste in bras.  

Available in sizes 8FF - 18FF (30FF - 40FF) goes up to a G cup.

So I guess we have to thank the people at Berwin Leighton Paisner for this wonderful post because it has showed us how we can wear red bras in the office to the delight and pleasure to all.

Love this post why not share it? What do you think did you have a chuckle or do you disapprove. Let me know your thoughts.

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