Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sleepwear with Bra Support from Bravissimo

PJ Cami Top with bra support by Bravissimo

Sleepwear with bra support especially during summer is a necessity, the less you have to wear the better right!. Well the hot Summer months are creeping upon us in Australia where the summer nights can be sweltering so what better way to keep cool then in the PJ Cami Top by Bravissimo pictured above.

Inside the cami top is wire free support which means you will be comfortable while you sleep. Who wants wires poking into their ribs while they toss and turn during the night.

In summer I usually wear singlet tops which have no support at all and I get hot and sweaty and then I have to wear a bra underneath. It will be great to wear one top that has everything I need and this is it.

Those darling little PJ Shorts with the pretty ditsy floral print will ensure you will be cute and comfortable during those hot days and nights. I can't see why you couldn't wear this all day on the weekend! Perfect Summer wear.

Racerback Top by Bravissimo

Another very popular choice is the Racerback Top by Bravissimo with built in bra which will support up to a J cup!

I love this top because it is made of cotton, a beautiful pink colour and it is a racerback. This one has to be my favourite.

This racerback comes in Jade and Cherry Red (pictured above).

Available in sizes 8 - 16 (30 - 38) and supports up to a J cup.

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