Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Bright Big Boobed Bras Made in Preston

Winter Lace Punk Bra by Made in Preston up to a J cup

I am always on the look out for big bras for big busts. If I find a new label I want to let you know about them.

Well I was travelling through the internet the other day and came across Made in Preston. The bright colours drew me right to them and got me really excited. Then I read a bit more about this company and I got even more excited. 

Everything is designed, sampled, graded, produced, packaged and Made in Preston which is in the North West of England hence the label name. So when you buy from Made in Preston the money stays in the UK and helps support local people to keep this fun label going. Surely that should get you excited. I will always help promote the little guys.

So of course while I was perusing their collection the brightest design appealed to me which is the Winter Punk Lace Lingerie (pictured above). I love originality and I can honestly say I have never seen a peace sign printed on a bra before. Love it! 

The Winter Lace Punk Bra is a plunge bra which is designed to give you great cleavage. It has bright fun punk lace detail with cute little black bows.

Available in sizes 26DD - 38G  Goes up to a J cup.

Made in Preston also makes clothes for the bigger boobed community. May I suggest the Black Fitted Peplum Top.

I don't know about you but every time I have seen someone in the street with big boobs wearing this it looks ridiculously tight and very stretched around the breast area and very unattractive. Well no more.   Made in Preston make these by bra size. Now we just need to get the word out!

What do you think of the Winter Punk Lace design. Is it too bright for you? What do you think of the peace signs. Do you like them? 

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