Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Esty Lingerie Design Competition

Ok you are not getting much warning - about three days to be exact. What is happening in three days you ask? Well entry to the Esty Lingerie Design Competition closes then - on the 30th of August 2013 to be exact!

Above is the winning design from last years winner Taylor-Rose Dunning. This year that winner could be you. Why not design your perfect bra? There is always room for more on the market. Who knows what it could lead to. More exciting ventures?

This year will be the third year Esty Lingerie will be running the competition and there are some great prizes to entice you to enter including:

- Have your design produced and sold on Esty Lingerie as a limited edition piece
- A free set for yourself
- A £75 (AUD$130) gift voucher to spend with us
- A goody bag containing £50 (AUD$85) worth of lingerie accessories
- An interview on the Esty Lingerie website

Interested? Great here is what is asked of you this year,  you need to design a lingerie set inspired by your favourite flower. The design must be a one or two-piece set.

Your entry will be judged on style, originality, presentation, ease of manufacturing and how you've translated your inspirational flower into a wearable garment or set.

Sounds like fun doesn't it. I wonder what flower you will pick. I would pick a poppy. I love the big red bold colour of the flower. How about you? Let me know.

For more information head over to Esty Lingerie Design Competition. You don't have much time!

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