Friday, 12 April 2013

Sensational Summer Swimwear at Bravissimo!

Pippa Bikini by Cleo

Yes Bravissimo has released some sensational summer swimwear. Try saying that three times fast!

I love the bright colours on the Pippa Bikini by Cleo which is a new style from Cleo's new swimwear range.

It has a retro boat print with a vibrant coral and blue colour with some sunny yellow beaming through. If this doesn't get you noticed on the beach nothing will!

I so want to try the tiny little side tie bikini bottoms which are exclusive to Bravissimo and pictured above. I am worried about my jelly belly and curvaceous behind getting a little tooooo much exposure!

Just note the cups are lightly padded to help with shape and support.

Available in sizes 6DD - 16H (38DD-38H).

Gingham Girl Bikini by Bravissimo

I ordered the Gingham Girl Bikini by Bravissimo  the minute I saw it. How cute is it and I just love the shorts. Crazy about this.

This 50's inspired bikini is so Marilyn Monroe. It is a plunge style but when you've got it flaunt it and what better bikini to do it in than this. The red gingham is so sexy.

I am so biased I absolutely love it. I hope I look as good as the model above when I am wearing it. Or even better dazzling like Marilyn. Can't wait.

Hmm I hope those tassels on the front don't get in the way when I am photographing underwater. I love to snorkel and photograph everything. I am sure I will be fine. Worst comes to worst I will cut them short or just take it off. I doubt it will subtract from this gorgeous bikini.  Go Bravissimo!

Available in sizes 8E-18J (30E - 38J.)

Check out more sensational summer swimwear by Bravissimo here.  


  1. I am so with you on the gingham. Goodness. I am also enticed by the blue and white polka dot one, although I believe in either case I'd be taking a back size too large and a cup size too small to make it work... But swimwear is extra forgiving, right?

  2. Hi Miss Shapen. The Gingham arrived and I absolutely love it. It is the sexiest bikini I have ever had. The top makes my boobs look amazing and the bottoms are so cute. I got my normal size and it fits fine. The blue polka dot one is so cute too, very 50's. If you stay in the water swimwear is incredibly forgiving hahahaha!


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