Friday, 19 April 2013

Bravissimo Boob School & the Seven Bra Faux Pas

Bravissimo Boob School

Bravissimo has launched the world's first Boob School in a bid to help women find the perfect bra size. Bravissimo did some research and found that some women have not been fitted in over four years! No wonder there are so many faux pas happening out there.

Our boobs change and a fitting is essential in having good boob health.  Don't be embarrassed about having a fitting as this is what the staff do in Bravissimo stores.

Yours are not the first pair of boobs they have ever seen and they won't be the last, so get them out girls!

The research Bravissimo did found seven bra faux pas that need to be remedied ASAP!

Seven Bra Faux Pas

1. The Side Boob - wires in the cup sitting on your boob rather than your ribcage

2. The High Rider - the back of the bra riding up

3. The Quadraboob -bust spilling over the top of the cup, giving the impression of four boobs

4. The Big Stand Off - the front of the bra doesn’t sit flat on the sternum

5. The Super Drooper - not enough support, saggy boobs

6. Saggy Cups - too much fabric creating wrinkly cups

7. The Ledge - over uplift, transforming your boobs into something that resembles a ledge

The research revealed that four in every five UK women admit to regularly experiencing at least one of the seven bra faux pas, all of which are a result of wearing badly fitting bras.

The study also showed that 24% of UK women admitted to never having a bra fitting and 21% haven’t been for a fitting for at least four years.

The bigger your cup size the more likely you are to be making a bra paux pas.

The Boob School is there to educate women about their boobs and give them advice on what they should be looking for to have a perfectly fitting bra by following their simple lessons online, via the Facebook app, or in store.

Women in wanting to enroll in Boob School should visit Facebook or Bravissimo Boob School or one of their 21 stores in the UK.

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