Monday, 19 November 2012

Brastop Christmas Shop

Brastop Christmas Shop

It's almost Christmas again! My how the year flies by.

Well Brastop is here to help you with your Christmas shopping by setting up the Brastop Christmas Shop.

You can choose between searching for D-K cup Lingerie, Party Solution items including strapless bras and shapewear, Nightwear and Stocking Fillers.

I love the feature on the page which quickly lets you search by bra size it's perfect!  Whoever thought that up should be given a medal. I get so fed up going through lingerie sites where they expect you to trawl through hundreds of bras to find your size. Ridiculous.

Well know you now this shop is there, it is super easy to use and I am sure you will definitely find something. Happy shopping at the Brastop Christmas Shop.

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