Friday, 4 May 2012

Neon Lights on Big Cup Bras

Big Cup Bras have all the neon lights shining on them this season and Boux Avenue has two big cup bras that really stood out for me.

The first bra I saw is the zesty Chloe Lace Plunge Bra in Lemon. It is such a stunning bra with floral lace covering the cups and scalloping along the edges. I really love the thin silky straps. Why can't all big cup bras have sexy straps like this.  I also love the cute little bow in the centre of the cups and the scalloped lace edging underneath the cups. This whole bra is so lovely.

And lets not forget about the amazing cleavage this gorgeous sunny bra gives you. It is a bra that keeps on giving! Hahahaha. The other colours you can get this bra is in Neon Pink, Pillar Box Red, Coral, Caobalt Blue and Indigo.

Available in sizes 30D - 40F (8D - 18F).

The next neon coloured bra I saw and loved instantly is the juicy Chloe Lace Balconette Bra in super bright Neon Orange.

I sooooo want this bra. As above it too has lace all over the cups and scalloped lace on the top and beneath the cups. It's so lovely it makes me want to sing. I love bright colours on bras and when they look this good and they come in large cup sizes so that I can wear it makes me want to dance too!

I love the thin straps and the rouleau strap detail between the straps and cups. I also love the cute little bows and the lace. I love everything about this bra and I am sure it loves me too. Even better, this is an everyday bra that supports your boobs.  You can also get this gorgeous bra in Lipstick Pink, Violet, Black and White.

Must buy now!

Available in sizes 30D - 40G (8D-18G)


  1. I send an email to Boux Avenue not that long ago asking when they would go up to a K cup. And they said they are working on it. I'm guessing that it's 3 years away. Please anyone that wants their pretty bras up to a K cup or down to a 26 band please email them.

  2. Hi, thanks for this information I will email them and ask them what is happening. I guess it's a step at a time at least they go up to a G cup which most don't.


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