Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Funky Ellie Bra by Cleo

Ellie Bra by Cleo available at Bravissimo

I love the funky colours in the fun large cup size Ellie Bra by Cleo. This big bra is a half cup bra but that I can't see as the models boobs are well covered and supported. The Ellie is also lightly padded which will give you a lovely rounded shape.

These are wonderful swirls or blue, torquise, white, pink and lime green in and each bra is an original due to the abstract print. So when you unwrap your bra from the lovely Bravissimo warapping no two will be alike.

Love the thin straps and the funky pattern printed all over them. The straps will look super cute peeking through a singlet top or wear this bra under a straples top for a super cool look.

I don't think bra companies think about designing pretty straps as they do show through summer tops but Cleo has. A gold star on that effort!

The hot pink embroidery that trims the cups its too cute and so is the gorgeous vibrant blue bow in the centre of the cups.

Love the Ellie Bra by Cleo!


  1. This is one bra that I really have my eye on now that I've become a big Cleo fan!

  2. Hey June it is a very vibrant bra, I really like the whole design.


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