Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Star in a Bra UK Top 30 Announced

I really love the Star in a Bra competition because it gives anyone who has a little courage to send in their photos and have a chance to change their life for the better by being voted Star in a Bra and winning a modelling contract with Curvy Kate.

Is there a better competition with a better prize? I think not!

It seems a lot of you think the same because over 1000 women, which is three times more than last year, have uploaded their photos onto Curvy Kate's Facebook page. The judges have finally managed to look through all the photos and have come up with their 30 favourite girls pictured below!    

Now it's up to you to vote for your favourite to get them through to the next round.

Each girl is going to have three questions to answer in a mini Curvy Kate Star in a Bra interview which you can read here and then decide from those answers who you would like to vote for.

Then all you have to do is head over to Curvy Kates Facebook page and vote now. You actually get three votes so choose wisely.

If you would like to add some Curvy Kate lingerie to your collection check out the large selection Brastop has on offer.

Good luck to all the girls! Your courage will get you far!

Let me know if you have read the interviews and who you have chosen and why. It's all so much fun and so interesting. 

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