Thursday, 8 March 2012

Parfait by Affinitas for D - G Cup Bras

Affinitas is a new label which I hadn't heard of. I saw quite a few banners on a few lingerie websites so did a little digging and found out they have a line called Parfait by Affinitas which specifically caters to larger cup sizes from D-G.

I also found that Her Room, which deliver worldwide, has the largest collection online of all the online retailers so did a further search there and picked these three as some of my favourites. I do love pink and saw a few pink bras but thought I would go for something a bit different. I am sure you will agree these are stunning too. 

The first bar that really stood out was the Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte Padded Bra pictured above which also comes in a lovely soft pink as well.  It is a very seductive bra. Black and red will do it every time.

I love the contrasting colours on the straps and the big black bow in the centre of the cups. Doesn't that just scream come and get me! Hahahaha or maybe that's just me!

Firstly why it is padded I don't know as we already have enough filling our cups without more but anyway. The cups are lined in 3-parts with light foam padding for shape and support. The satin side support panels along outside of cups are there to provide uplift and prevent side "spill-over."

The bra is built on a base with an elastic underband for superior support. A tip when buying this bra it tends to run on the small side so a suggestion is to go up one band size and one cup size. (e.g. if you are a 32F, go to a 34FF)"

The Parfait by Affinitas Donna Padded Underwire Bra picture above caught my eye because of the gorgeous violet colour but also because of the rounded shape her boobs have in this bra, very sexy.

Once again this bra is padded and also features a padded 3-part cup with lovely embroidered cups and beautiful tulle on the top cup and plain tulle on the lower cup. I also love the thin straps and the shiny satin bow in the middle of the cups just beautiful.

The Parfait by Affinitas Fiona Moulded Padded Bra caught my eye also because of the colours Purple Wine pictured above and Peacock Blue which is equally elegant and stunning. I love the shine in the satin fabric and the lace trim on top of the cups it's very classy.

The ruched trim on the straps adds that extra elegance to it. This is a very sophisticated bra for the smart yet very sexy woman. Once again the cup is in three parts for added support and uplift.

And that my friends is Parfait by Affinitas. They should get a gold bra medal for making life that much better for those of us who need larger cup size bras. Hooray!


  1. I agree with you. Parfait by Affinitas for D-G bras are really comfortable and I love the contrasting colours on the straps and the big black bow in the centre of the cups. Thought I'd share!

  2. Hey Suz thanks for sharing always happy to hear everyones comments.


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