Friday, 23 March 2012

Five Colourful Big Cup Size Bras

I was checking up on what big cup size bras Debenhams had on offer as I hadn't been over there in a while and was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few beautiful, vibrant and colourful big cup size bras. 

The Purple spot print balcony bra by Gorgeous really caught my eye due to the vibrant purple colour. I really love the soft pink polka dots and the cute little pink bow in the middle of the cups. Unfortunately there is a button sewn in the middle of the bow, I am not a fan of buttons on bras I don't like them at all.

The bra is lightly padded with a mesh overlay over the cups. Note that the lovely silky straps are set a bit wider and are more suited to square or wider necklines. Available in sizes 28G - 40H (6G-18H).

Of course I noticed this pink spotted satin balcony bra by Gorgeous how can you miss this vibrant pink flamingo with deep pink polka dots and the double layer of scalloped lace with a line of hot pink and contrasting black lace trim across the cups. I love that the polda dotes run all across the straps too.

This is definitely a statement piece that screams I wanna have fun! What great big cup size bras these are.  Available in sizes 30DD - 40G (8DD-18G).

I love the elegance of the Purple fan print balcony bra by Gorgeous. It is such a sophisticated bra with its Oriental theme. The little fans all across cups are beautiful as is the delightful double layered bow and the flower motif in the middle of the cups and at the edges of the straps. It really is stunning.

The sheer embroidered mesh along the cups is so intricate especially the tips of the scalloped lace that looks like red jewels spotted along the edge. It's absolutely divine. Available in cup sizes 30DD - 40FF (8DD-18FF).

This fun frilly little number is a must have too. This is the Turquoise spotted balcony bra by Gorgeous.  I love the fresh turquoise colour and the contrasting black polka dots is a perfect match. The stand out feature to the bra is the double layer of net ruffle detail to the cups.

If you look real closely you will see the sweetest little bows with black polka dots in the middle of the cups and at the edge of the straps. Too cute. Note this bra does have wide set straps.  Available in sizes 30DD - 40FF (8DD-18FF).

Last but not least is the Gorgeous Bright Pink Embroidered Plunge Bra in a stunning bright pink shade with  intricate floral embroidery on the cups, and contrasting purple picot trims along the bottom edge of the bra. I also absolutely love the lollipop striped bow in the middle of the cups. Delightful! Available in sizes 30DD-40FF (8DD-18FF).

Some of these bras are on sale and other sizes are limited so you need to be quick.

Let me know what you think of these big cup size bras. Are they too bright for you or you will indulge your girly side and let loose!

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