Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bullet Bras are making a Comeback

What Katie did Marlene Bullet Bra

Bullet Bras are making a comeback. I didn't realise how popular they are until I received a few questions about bullet bras for those of us with a larger cup size, then did a search and saw the demand.

The authority on the bullet bra seems to be What Katie Did who specialise in faux vintage lingerie which includes faux vintage bullet bras. The brand is so popular that it had their lingerie featured in the movie My Week with Marilyn which Michelle Williams received an Oscar nomination for.

While I was searching through What Kate Did I came across the stunning Marlene Bullet Bra (pictured above with the model wearing a 32DD) which has a stunning two-tone colour pattern combining black satin with sheer peach organza with the cups feature their signature circlular stitching.

Unlike modern bras which push the breasts inwards and upwards, the bullet bras gently coax your breasts into the perfect 1950s conical shape.

What Katie Did were the first company in the UK to revive the bullet bra over a decade ago, adapting an original 1950s pattern and adding several more cup sizes to suit the modern figure.

The bullet bras Maitresse, Harlow and Lulu are the only ones which go to an F cup but shortly will be available up to a G cup.

The What Katie Did Bullet Bras Are:

* Made of fabric with satin which is 100% polyester and sheer which is 100% nylon
* Have authentic spiral stitching
* Are Soft cup (your breast fills the cup to make the bullet shape just like in the old days!)
* 2 row, 3 column hook fastening
* non-stretch band, but with an elastic panel at the front for a snug fit

You can have the other bullet bras made up to an F cup  but that will be bespoke orders that are non-refundable and take around 6 weeks for delivery.


  1. I'm not too keen on the super pointy shape, but I did recently buy a Made by Niki bra with a vaguely bullet style shape and it's gorgeous - so comfortable too! It was this one but purple (it looks more rounded on this model but it's not)...

  2. Hi Estelle, yes they do look a bit pointy don't they but I just love the whole overall look. I had a look at the bra you suggested and that is a very colourful bra. Thanks for the info :)


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