Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bravissimo - Tenth Best Company to Work for in the UK

Bravissimo is one of my favourite online bra sites to shop from and anytime I can find out a bit more about them makes me very happy as I see them more as a best friend then just an online bra shop. They really changed my life when I discovered they existed and I could finally wear beautiful bras not just ugly grandma beige bras.

It makes me even happier to find out that Bravissimo has been named in the 2012 Sunday Times Annual 100 Best Companies list as the tenth best company to work for in the UK.

Bravissimo was started with humble beginnings in 1995 by Sarah Tremellen who has since grown the business from a small mail order company in her living room to a retailer that now employs nearly 700 people, with 23 shops and annual sales of more than £30m (AUD$44.7m).

Those running Bravissimo responded to staff requests to give more back which lead the company to adopt Tommy’s, a national charity that funds medical research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth and provides information on having a healthy pregnancy.

A bra-recycling scheme was also introduced with every kilogram of recycled bras resulting in a £1 (AUD$1.50) donation to Tommy's with Bravissimo having now recycled more than a ton of lingerie. For this effort Bravissimo was awarded the Special Achievement Award for ‘Best for Giving Something Back’.

As well as being a great company to work for it is of course a great place to shop especially to purchase the gorgeous Paige Bra by Miss Mandalay in the delicious Lemon/Vanilla colour pictured above.

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