Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Spring into New Large Bras at Bravissimo

Bravissimo has released some new large bras for their spring collection. The one that caught my eye is the Sherbet Stripe Bra in lilac (pictured above). I love the little minty green bows and the silky slim peach coloured starps. If you like bright colours on your large bras you may prefer the Sherbet Stripe Bra in Hot Pink. Available in sizes 28DD - 38K.

I must say I did try the Sherbet Stripe Bra in Hot Pink but found the lace trim on top of the cups came up too high and being a Summery bra you wear it under Summery tops which are low cut and it all shows. It was dissappoinitng but it looks like they have fixed that problem by reducing the size of the lace. I just may give it another go.

The full cup Andorra Bra by Panache also stands out due to its minty colour which Panache has creatively chosen to call waterlilly. This is a very feminine colour choice that gives the bra a very ethereal feel. It really is lovely. This bra also comes in four other colours Black, Pearl, Purple and White. Available in sizes 30D - 40J.

I also like the Juna Bra. I never really noticed it before but the cup which is lightly padded has only one seam which makes it great under fitted tops and the nude colour is great for lighter coloured clothing.

There are days when I just prefer simplicity in my clothing and this bra is perfect for that. I really like the Juna Bra in Ivory too they are such beautiful simple large bras. Available in sizes 28DD - 38H.

Another item that I noticed was the gorgeous frilly undewear for the Paige Bra. I don't wear thongs and unfortunately the frill is on the thong but it is still cute none the same. Available 28D - 38GG.

So there you go four gorgeous new large bras from Bravissimo for you to enjoy.


  1. Those are great bras! I just absolutely HATE that Bravissimo ends their own range at 38 band. :-( 40 band would fit me and I would absolutely love their bras, especially the padded half cup ones...


  2. Bravissimop may end their bras in a 38 band but they do carry brands whose line goes up to a 40 band so you don't miss out at all.


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