Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Gossard Gives you Candy for your Sugar

Gossard is helping you sweeten up your lingerie gift to your sugar for Valentines Day by adding Lovehearts candy to each order. It's just sweetness all round.

The candy is sent out with any purchases made through www.gossard.com but shhhhhhhhh, they have not advertised it on their website so that it is a nice surprise when it arrives!

Gossard's managing director Tony Jarvis said: 'We’re self-confessed romantics here at Gossard, so we thought a surprise gift was the perfect way to get into the spirit and show our customers that we care.'

I always thought Gossard bras stopped at a D cup but I was wrong as I noticed they went up to a G Cup which excited me. Even better was the discovery of the stunning Fleur Plunge Bra (pictured above). Talk about sexy hot! Wow!
I love the shades of fiery red and vivid violet that conjure up images of red hot love, fire and passion which is perfect for Valentines Day.

The Fleur Plunge Bra has a revamped vintage print that is exclusive to Gossard which is printed on stunning satin with supportive mesh in the back wings for added comfort and the cutest chiffon organza bow in the middle of the cups. The DD-G Cups do not have any additional padding.

This bra is available in sizes 30D - 38G. (8D-16G).

You can also purchase the Fleur Plunge Bra from Brastop but you don't get any candy.

So if you want to give your sugar some candy you better get your order in by Valentine's Day eve and maybe get some extra loving on the day!

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