Monday, 20 February 2012

10 Tips on How NOT to Enter Star in a Bra

The competition for Star in a Bra opens on the 23 Feb 2012. So you must be thinking hmmm why don't I give it a go this year! Well why not?

So to give you that added edge, Cheryl who made it into the top 30 last year and has the blog Invest in Your Chest has written up us a list of what NOT to do!

Let us listen to her words of wisdom.

10 Tips on How NOT to Enter Star in a Bra

1. Get fitted
The right fit can make all the difference to how you look and feel. The right bra can take wight and years off you, giving you back a waist that you’d forgotten you had. Defining your bust and waist is a sure-fire way to get attention.

2. Don't wear something unattractive.
Wear a set which shows off your curves and work it! 

3. Never underestimate the power of good lighting.
It makes your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and you look good. 

4. Enjoy yourself but don't go overboard
Try and look like you’re having fun but remember they are looking for the next face and body of Curvy Kate, not the next top glamour model.

5. Make a bit of effort but don't overdo it
They we want to see how amazing you really look. Whilst a little bit of make-up can enhance your features and a little bit on lipstick never killed anyone don’t want go overboard they don't want to see a drag queen!

6. No sneaky photo editing
Everyone has lumps, bumps, scars, wrinkles and imperfections of all kinds Рthey want to see your natural look! It sounds clich̩, but photo editing just distracts from your natural beauty.

7. Don’t over-crop
If you’ve got problem areas and are scared by the idea of going Photoshop-free, don’t just crop things out. It’s natural to get folds of skin, cellulite, wobbly bits – celebrate your curves with pride!

8. Choose your background wisely
Any distracting background can be off-putting especially the toilet in the bathroom. So try find a plain wall to stand in front of for maximum focus on you.

9. Don’t worry too much about photo quality
They are looking for the future face and body of Curvy Kate, not the next top photographer. They are not particularly concerned about the quality of your photos, but it helps if they’re not grainy, blurry or too small. 

10. Don't be scared
Girls enter of all shapes and sizes, ages, heights, bra sizes and ethnicities. As far as they are concerned there is absolutely no limits to entry – as long as you’ve over 18 and have natural boobs that fit into their lingerie, you’re in!

For the perfect Curvy Kate lingerie set to wear check out Brastop which has the biggest selection in one shop online!

Good Luck! And don't forget you have got to be in it to win it!


  1. You're welcome. Great post I really love the title. Are you going to give it another go this year? You should, you never know you might win!


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