Thursday, 5 January 2012

Special offer large size sports bras at Bravissimo

An important item most of us will need are large size sports bras after eating faaaaar too much this Christmas and New Years!

I am surprised with myself this year as I didn't pig out as much as I usually do but still want to get trim and stay healthy. I always feel better after a workout anyway and now need to look through some large size sports bras to get back into shape.

Bravissimo is going to help us out this month by reducing their large size sports bras by £5 ($7AUD) until the 31st of Januray.

The two I saw that I like are the Panache Sports Bra because it has pink in it and some purple, don't know what the grey is all about, it is a bit boring. Apprently it reduces bounce by 83%! Maybe next time they can concentrate on the colour combination.

I also like the way you can change the staps at the back from a racer back to normal straps. Sizes start at 28DD and go up to 40GG (6DD-18GG)

The other one I like is the Max Sports Bra by Shock Absorber which comes in six different colour combinations. I like the classic black and white colours and the fiery red colour, but I don't like that blue in this bra. I like the white piping on it though. It would have been nicer all red. I do like the all white too, it looks very fresh. Sizes available from 28D - 40HH (6D-18HH).

Now those are bras sizes that are servicing the large cup size bra community. Kudos to Panachee and Shock Absorber. Now we just need more companies to come aboard the big booby bra ship!

In the meantime, don't hold your breathe and get in quick before this special offer ends!

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