Friday, 20 January 2012

Bravissimo Telephone Bra Fitting Service

When Bravissimo approached me to try their telephone bra fitting service I thought, as if that is going to work!  The best way to get fitted surely is in-store isn't it?

The date and time for my telephone bra fitting was booked in and then as scheduled Abi called me in Australia from England. I was already impressed because that would have been a very expensive call for me if it was the other way around.

We started off with a problem though. I wasn't wearing a bra. I was in my cute pink and black polka dot nightie. So off I went to put on a bra. I chose one of the newer bras I have and a favourite which is from Freya pronounced Fray-ya not Free-ya just so you know.

Abi then asked me a series of questions where I got some great advice and information. I was pleasantly surprised because I thought we would just have a pretty chat about bras but I was wrong.

Here are the tips I received on a Perfect Fitting Bra:

1. The back of the band is what gives you the most support from your bra. Make sure you can't stretch it out  more than two fingers wide.

2. The band along the back of your bra must be vertical no pulling up, if it has stretched get a new bra if it is a new bra it's the wrong band size.

3.  You should only be able to put two fingers under the straps, the support from your bra comes from the band not the straps.

4. The underwire in the centre of the cups must sit flat against your chest not sticking up or out.

5. The underwires on the side of the bra which cups your boobs should be lying on your rib cage not on your boobs, if they cut into your boobs you are wearing the wrong cup size.

I told Abi I did not have any of the issues above and she was happy I was wearing the right bra size which is 30G. 

I was really impressed with the questions and the wonderful information I received from the delightful and knowledgeable Abi. 

I highly recommend the Telephone Bra Fitting Service. It is thorough and if you are wearing the wrong bra size you will certainly be wearing the right one by the end of the session.
To book your bra fitting in the UK call the Customer Services Team on 01926 459 859 or email them here or for more information check their Perfect Fit Guide.

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