Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Beautiful New Big Bras at Bravissimo

Bravissimo has released some beautiful new big bras for big boobs. While we were busy eating 'til we popped and then slothed around they were busy planning these gorgeous new designs.

I have picked my faves from all departments I couldn't resist. They released:

Sixteen spectacular new big bras. My fav is the incredibly elegant Moulin Rose Bra by Bravissimo with a matching Moulin Rose Nightdess by Bravissimo below.

Three new large size sports bras, my favourite is the bright and powerful Max Sports Bra Top by Shock Absorber. This should help me look good while I try to get rid of that jelly belly I grew over the holidays!

One absolutely gorgeous corsolette that even a movie star would be envious of, meet the stunning Ooh La La Corselette by Gossard.

Four sexy new bikinis including the St Tropez Halterneck Bikini by Pureda which wouldn't go a miss in a Bond move with the plunging bikini top that gives you eye popping cleavage that will hypnotise any spy allowing you to attain all their state secrets then make an easy getaway!

If your not a bikini girl then slip into one of five new swimsuits including the very sporty Wyomi Swimsuit.

But if you don't like swimsuits then slip into one of two new tankini designs including the wonderfully zesty, zany and bright Copacabana Tankini.

Then cover up that gorgeous bod of yours when you are lounging by the pool or at the beach in the very glamorous Sequin Kaftan in sizes 8-18.

And then relax in the very sexy Moulin Rose Nightdess by Bravissimo after you end your very busy day of being, jumping, swimming, lounging and then resting! (See matching Moulin Rose Bra by Bravissimo above).

How have we ever lived without Bravissimo before. They cover all basis and have something for everygirl, every occasion and most importantly something gorgeous to make us girls who need big bras feel beautiful. Mwah!

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