Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Demi Diva Bra to Die For!

If you are looking for a killer demi bra then look no further than the Demi Diva Bra by Bravissimo.

Some people might be asking what is a demi cup bra? Well it is a half cup bra. It's great under really low cut tops or to titillate your partner! Hahaha

The Demi Diva Bra comes in this seductive Pillarbox Red with very wicked leopard print bows which I adore. The cups are stripped and trimmed with a very festive lace across this demi cup bra.

The underwear is so fun and flirty. The silky satin tie up ribbons on the side are just too cute. This is a wickedly fun bra set that you can get into all sorts of mischief in. Tis' the season!

The bra gives amazing uplift and cleavage while offering a surprisingly supportive fit that you might not expect from a half cup.

The Demi Diva Bra is exclusive to Bravissimo and waiting to let you inner Diva to come alive.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Vava Leopard Print Bra by Miss Mandalay

I love a good leopard print bra and I was thrilled when I finally found one in my size at Simply Yours. I have been scouring for ages and always find them when they have sold out of my size which is so frustrating.

So in steps Miss Mandalay in theVava Leopard Print Bra which just ouzes seduction. I love that the whole bra has leopard print all over it including the straps - that is sooo sexy and so much fun. Now that is what I like peaking out from under a singlet top not big wide ugly straps.

Vava the Leopard Print Bra is a balconette bra which does have padded cups, not sure why but it also has the most beautiful rose in the centre of the cups. Very reminiscent of Moulin Rouge. I think that is so sexy and seductive. It is actually quite naughty.

I say this is a very dangerous bra to have on all sorts of very naughty or nasty things could happen! Beware!

I also just noticed that Bravissimo has the Vava Leopard Print Bra in Jade and Graphite. More colours to cause mischief in!

This floral bra or that floral bra?

I was searching through Simply Yours and saw a floral bra that was really pretty.

The bra was the Fantasie Georgie Underwire Floral Bra pictured left on the gorgeous Swedish model Erika Elfwencrona.

I think it stood out for me because of the bold background behind Erika and then I noticed the elegant subtlety of the floral bra.

The Fantasie Georgie Underwire Floral Bra is made from Austrian designed embroidery and a beautiful Italian fabric print. No wonder it's so elegant.  It also has beautiful silky bows in aubergine. The cup is designed with three-sections and side support to push your boobs forward and support them.

The bra description  says the bra is wide-wired for additional comfort but I have no idea what wide wired means. It also says the bra has Opaque simplex cups for great support but again I don't know what that means either even after doing a quick Google search.

I think all this means is you get a beautiful bra that will support a large bust which is all they should say  because it is all we care about really but it is nice enough of them to go to all that effort. Makes me feel special!

Then I noticed next to it another bra that looked like a floral bra that was equally as elegeant but turns out there are no flowers on it at all but a beautiful Japanese influenced design.

This delicate design is the Midnight Grace Periwinkle Balconette Bra by figleaves.com

The Midnight Grace Periwinkle Balconette Bra by figleaves.com
has a vibrant circle and dot print pattern in various shades of pinks and purples.

The top of the cups are trimmed with a beautiful lace and the centre of the cups has a gorgeous little silky peach bow that is simply delightful.

So you never know what you might find on a journey through bra heaven maybe even a pretty floral bra or two that will take your breath away. 

Note: Simply Yours only delivers within the UK but I have discovered UK Post Box which allows you to set up a virtual PO Box in London then delivers your parcels to wherever you are in the world.

If that is not to your liking you can also purchase the Fantasie Georgie Underwire Floral Bra and Midnight Grace Periwinkle Balconette Bra at figleaves.com which deliver worldwide (above two links will take you to the site).

Monday, 12 December 2011

Merry La Senza Christmas

Unfortunately La Senza has closed down for the moment as the company went belly up during Christmas so the links on this page won't work but please feel free to view other posts or check out the online bra shopping guide for more bra stores. Thank-you. Sia.

A La Senza Christmas is a truly glamorous Christmas and one that offers great savings as La Senza is having a great sale with up to 50% off items.

Once I heard there was an online bra sale I went searching through La Senzas DD+ department and came across the Lucy Lace in Black & Red in their Brights and Prints section. I especially love Lucy Lace in Zesty Orange.

I love bursts of colour on sexy bras and this one is a heartbreaker. Actually if you break up with your boyfriend in this bra he will always think of you everytime he sees the colour orange hee hee heeeee. (Just a little mean streak coming through! I'll stop now.)

This sexy number is a lightly padded balconette bra that is available up to a G cup! It has beautiful floral lace overlay on the cups, neckline and under the bust. The shoulder straps feature double shoulder straps only on the sections connecting the bra strap to the cups.

I love bows and this one has a few. There are sweet satin bows on each bra strap with a large satin bow on the centre front. What joy! Merry La Senza Christmas.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Red Bra is the Colour of the Season at Boux Avenue

The red bra is the colour of the season this Christmas with many sexy styles and in many different sexy shades of red and even better they are available in big cup size bras for all of us to enjoy! Here is a very sexy selection from Boux Avenue each at a special price of £25 (AUD$40).

 Jen Silk Balconette Plunge Bra
This is a very sexy red uk bra set. It is a balconette plunge bra that is made from luxurious silk and comes in the colour pillar box red. The red bra cups are silky soft and are trimmed with a beautiful scalloped lace.

I am not a fan of wide straps but these lightly padded shoulder straps really suit this bra style. Gold rings attach the straps to the cups and the black bow in the centre are a perfect finish to this smouldering hot bra

The thong is incredibly tiny but so hot. Available in sizes 32A-38F (10A-16F)

This bra also comes in pillar box red! I love that it is a full support bra yet so very sexy.  The fabric is a sheer mesh embellished with floral embroidery, and another favourite feature are the thin straps, marvelous and on a full support bra.

I wish more bras came with this combination. I don't understand why designers feel they need elephant wide straps on full cups bras. Not the case not needed.

Available in sizes 30D - 38H (8D-16H)

 Loretta Full Support Plunge Bra
Va Va Va Voom is all I can say about this gorgeous red silky plunge bra. If this bra doesn't have your partner out of their minds when they see you in it then you should check for a pulse because they are probably dead! Hahahaha

This gorgeous red satin full support plunge bra offers eye popping cleavage. 

It is lightly padded yet offers good support for a full bust. What I also really love about this bra is the thin straps they are dazzling. 

Available in sizes 30DD - 38G (8DD-16G)
The red bra is hot this season and this great selection of bras I found for your from Boux Avenue are sizzling. They are such cute red bras and waiting for you to take them home and spoil yourself with.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Big Bra Sizes

Big bra sizes are not so hard to find today but only if you shop online! I find it impossible to find my bra size 30G in stores. It's non-existent, rarer than hens teeth! But online I can pick and choose from many pretty bras which makes me extremely happy.

So where can you find these big bra sizes?

One of my favourite places to search through is Brastop.com which caters specifically to those who wear big bra sizes. This week their bestselling bra is the richly embroidered Spanish flavoured Dahlia Balconette Bra by Flirtelle. It is the perfect balconette bra for everyday, available in sizes 28DD-40J.

A new place I discovered is Lingerieplease. What I love about this site is they show you when they dispatch their next orders and how many items they have left of each size. It's genius. One of the bras I noticed while perusing the site is the Gossard Enchante Plunge which is a seductive black and sapphire lace plunge bra that will give you gorgeous cleavage and is available in sizes 30DD-38F.

I also love Boux Avenue, it's such a pretty, feminine site that has some gorgeous big bra sizes. I normally go for pink or floral or feminine, I don't normally go for blue but I really like the Brodie embroidered full support balconette bra which comes in duck egg. It's a lovely baby blue colour with lots of floral embroidery on the cups. It is available in sizes 30D-38G.

One feature I love on the Boux Avenue website is that you can view a short video with the model walking around in the bra set. Such a great idea. Not so good for people with painfully sloooooooooooooooooow latops like mine!

The last one I will mention here is Simply Yours. I looooooooooooove Simply Yours The website is so exhuberant. I really love the larger than life backgrounds.They just add life and love to the bra sets. Just note they only deliver to the UK. The big bra sizes range from 30A-50JJ!

Take a look at the Florence Underwired Balcony Bra by Fantasie. It comes in a vibrant Amethyst (violet) colour. It has beautiful lace detail all over the cups yet is fully supportive. It has two-cup lining for H-K cups. Sizes are available in 30D-40JJ.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Gifts Ideas from Brastop.com

There are some great Christmas gifts ideas from Brastop's Christmas Shop. They have three departments to shop from Christmas Lingerie, Christmas Sleepwear and Stocking Fillers.

Ok so what to choose? Well you can't go wrong as all the styles are trouble free. There is nothing dirty, sleazy or nasty from Brastop's Christmas gifts ideas!

Now if we follow the rules for men from FHM they suggest you stay clear of red but all the red bras here are beautiful and classy so fear not but if you still want to stick to the rules you can as there are many other pretty bras to choose from.

A Quick Christmas Gifts Colour Guide from me: 

-White is innocent
-Pink is cute
-Black is sexy
-Floral is pretty
-Blue and Green is sensible and
-Anything embroidered looks expensive and is very classy

Personally I love the Curvy Kate Tease Me Bra and Frilly Knickers pictured above. They are sexy and fun and suit my bubbly personality and they come in three different colours so you have a good choice.   

If you are not sure about buying lingerie then the sleepwear is beautiful too and you can't go wrong with any of them. My pick here is the cute, classy yet sexy Black and Raspberry Support Cami Top and Trousers by Amelia.

I suggest you stear clear of the plush robe they just make people look frumpy and they are boring.

Also stear clear of the Stocking Filler department especially if you are a male, those items are a no-no! They are more for girlfriends to pick a few and make a cute little hamper from.

So I hope that helps. That should keep you safe and out of trouble. Enjoy searching through the Christmas Gifts Ideas from Brastop's Christmas Shop. You can't go wrong.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Sneak Peak at Curvy Kate 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection

I managed to get you a sneak peak of images from Curvy Kate's photo shoot of their upcoming Autum Winter/Collection for 2012.

In the short video you will see highlights of upcoming styles and some of the “Behind the Seams” action from the shoot.

Take a look and let me know what you think....

New Freya Swimwear Range Helps Save the Rainforests!

I love anything environmentally friendly and am so excited that Freya Swimwear has launched an environmentally friendly swimwear range.

The Freya swimwear collection helps save the rainforest by using Sensitive Life Soft fabric from the SensitivEcoSystem by Eurojersey. This is a scheme that works to protect and save the world and its habitat with the World Land Trust, and each swimsuit or tankini set made saves half a metre of Atlantic rainforest.

There is only 7 percent of the Atlantic rainforest remaining, which is home to a number of endangered and nearly threatened species, including the Jaguar. The SensitivEcoSystem works to save this rainforest and wildlife habitats.

The eco-friendly collection offers a number of benefits, including quick drying and chlorine resistant properties and performance features such as built-in sports bra support with soft inner cups made from rigid simplex ensuring optimum support and comfort. The swimsuit and tankini also have a crossover racer back with swimwear clasp and back wing which is powernet for anchorage and support.

The swimwear in large cup sizes is available from 30C up to 40H and the tankini up to a 38H with matching short XS-XL.

Ann-Marie Manley from Freya said: 'We’re very excited to be the first swimwear brand to have teamed up with SensitivEcoSystem program. We hope this will encourage others to think about how they can protect the rainforest and its habitat.'

World Land Trust is a worldwide recognised non-profit environmental organisation that aims to save rainforest and wildlife habitats. They do this by providing funds for partner organisations so they can purchase land and establish permanent wildlife. Freya has also been voted company of the month by Sensitive Fabrics.

Debenhams Tankini

Wow the request for Debenhams Tankini is really great, my opinion is why cover up when you can uncover!

How many times have you seen the same person when you have gone to the beach? People think, ohhh everyone is looking at me. Firstly no they are not and secondly who cares you will never see that person again and they are probably jealous of you anyway for letting it all hang out.

But my opinion is not what you are after here it is Debenhams tankini and the one that I found that is most fun is the Pink Oahu Floral Halterneck Tankini top pictured above. You will definitely feel like you are in Hawaii no matter where you are when you wear this Debenhams tankini.

Also at the moment Debenhams is taking 20% off all tankinis so you better get in quick to get the one you want at a great price.
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