Tuesday, 13 December 2011

This floral bra or that floral bra?

I was searching through Simply Yours and saw a floral bra that was really pretty.

The bra was the Fantasie Georgie Underwire Floral Bra pictured left on the gorgeous Swedish model Erika Elfwencrona.

I think it stood out for me because of the bold background behind Erika and then I noticed the elegant subtlety of the floral bra.

The Fantasie Georgie Underwire Floral Bra is made from Austrian designed embroidery and a beautiful Italian fabric print. No wonder it's so elegant.  It also has beautiful silky bows in aubergine. The cup is designed with three-sections and side support to push your boobs forward and support them.

The bra description  says the bra is wide-wired for additional comfort but I have no idea what wide wired means. It also says the bra has Opaque simplex cups for great support but again I don't know what that means either even after doing a quick Google search.

I think all this means is you get a beautiful bra that will support a large bust which is all they should say  because it is all we care about really but it is nice enough of them to go to all that effort. Makes me feel special!

Then I noticed next to it another bra that looked like a floral bra that was equally as elegeant but turns out there are no flowers on it at all but a beautiful Japanese influenced design.

This delicate design is the Midnight Grace Periwinkle Balconette Bra by figleaves.com

The Midnight Grace Periwinkle Balconette Bra by figleaves.com
has a vibrant circle and dot print pattern in various shades of pinks and purples.

The top of the cups are trimmed with a beautiful lace and the centre of the cups has a gorgeous little silky peach bow that is simply delightful.

So you never know what you might find on a journey through bra heaven maybe even a pretty floral bra or two that will take your breath away. 

Note: Simply Yours only delivers within the UK but I have discovered UK Post Box which allows you to set up a virtual PO Box in London then delivers your parcels to wherever you are in the world.

If that is not to your liking you can also purchase the Fantasie Georgie Underwire Floral Bra and Midnight Grace Periwinkle Balconette Bra at figleaves.com which deliver worldwide (above two links will take you to the site).

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