Thursday, 1 December 2011

Debenhams Tankini

Wow the request for Debenhams Tankini is really great, my opinion is why cover up when you can uncover!

How many times have you seen the same person when you have gone to the beach? People think, ohhh everyone is looking at me. Firstly no they are not and secondly who cares you will never see that person again and they are probably jealous of you anyway for letting it all hang out.

But my opinion is not what you are after here it is Debenhams tankini and the one that I found that is most fun is the Pink Oahu Floral Halterneck Tankini top pictured above. You will definitely feel like you are in Hawaii no matter where you are when you wear this Debenhams tankini.

Also at the moment Debenhams is taking 20% off all tankinis so you better get in quick to get the one you want at a great price.

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