Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Gifts Ideas from

There are some great Christmas gifts ideas from Brastop's Christmas Shop. They have three departments to shop from Christmas Lingerie, Christmas Sleepwear and Stocking Fillers.

Ok so what to choose? Well you can't go wrong as all the styles are trouble free. There is nothing dirty, sleazy or nasty from Brastop's Christmas gifts ideas!

Now if we follow the rules for men from FHM they suggest you stay clear of red but all the red bras here are beautiful and classy so fear not but if you still want to stick to the rules you can as there are many other pretty bras to choose from.

A Quick Christmas Gifts Colour Guide from me: 

-White is innocent
-Pink is cute
-Black is sexy
-Floral is pretty
-Blue and Green is sensible and
-Anything embroidered looks expensive and is very classy

Personally I love the Curvy Kate Tease Me Bra and Frilly Knickers pictured above. They are sexy and fun and suit my bubbly personality and they come in three different colours so you have a good choice.   

If you are not sure about buying lingerie then the sleepwear is beautiful too and you can't go wrong with any of them. My pick here is the cute, classy yet sexy Black and Raspberry Support Cami Top and Trousers by Amelia.

I suggest you stear clear of the plush robe they just make people look frumpy and they are boring.

Also stear clear of the Stocking Filler department especially if you are a male, those items are a no-no! They are more for girlfriends to pick a few and make a cute little hamper from.

So I hope that helps. That should keep you safe and out of trouble. Enjoy searching through the Christmas Gifts Ideas from Brastop's Christmas Shop. You can't go wrong.

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