Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Perfect Porcelain Bra by Panache

I have a few Panache bras but the Porcelain Bra by Panache is my absolute favourite t-shirt bra. I would be absolutely lost without it.

I love Panache bras especially this one as it goes beautifully under all my white shirts and white tops and even lower cut outfits without being seen or heard from as a good Nude coloured t-shirt bra should do!

My favourite feature on the Porcelain Bra by Panache is the thin straps. It's so rare to get such thin straps on bras for girls who wear larger cup sized bras. I would love to see more of it.

Designers seem to think we need humongously wide bulldozer straps to keep our boobs up but this is not the case!  I would like to see thinner straps on all bras. There is nothing worse than wearing bras with wide straps peeking through tops with thinner straps.

The bra has a slightly higher cut in the cups but not too high it really is the perfect t-shirt bra. The key to a good seamless t-shirt bra is that it keeps your boobs in so you get no bulges, it's suppose to look smoooooooooooooth which this bra does easily and effortlessly.

The Porcelain Bra by Panache is incredibly comfortable, so soft and smooth, lightly padded and has the sweetest cut at the front, I love the shape and the cup height. All these features make it an exceptional bra which is easily able to support a more ample bosom. It comes in Nude, Black and White and is available in sizes 28DD-38G.

I highly recommend this bra as a staple in your wardrobe go without it at your peril!

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