Saturday, 5 November 2011

Luxurious Black Lace and Velvet Bra by Wonderbra

A bestseller at Brastop this week is the luxurious Lace and Velvet Bra by Wonderbra.

Such a luxurious bra deserves a far more creative and dignified name than Lace and Velvet but we will respect it. It looks like something a Sexy Southern Belle would wear. I just get a Southern Feel about it. Maybe the raunchy side of a Southern Belle hahahaha.

It is a stunning bra with lightly padded smooth cups to give your boobs a lift and some fabulous cleavage.

The cups are overlayed with a rich floral lace and soft fabric touches with a petite bow at the centre of the Lace and Velvet Bra by Wonderbra to complete the look.

Available in sizes 8 (30) DD - 16 (38) FF

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