Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lucy Bra a big cup bra by Freya

I have been meaning to write about the Lucy Bra my favourite big cup bra by Freya. It is one of my favourites because it was the first bra I wore after getting fitted correctly into my right size. I went from a 12E (34E) to an 8G (30G) so I am very sentimental about it.

I was actually fitted incorrectly I was told I was an 8FF (30FF) but found the bra pinched on one side so I went up a cup size and found the 8G (30G) was perfect.

I actually couldn't breathe well in it and found it quite tight but the lady who fitted me said that since I had been wearing such a large size previously that it would seem very tight but this is how it should be so I persevered and I am glad I did. I broke it in and it has been one of my favourite big cup bras ever since.

It is my favourite big cup bra because it makes my boobs look small. It really brings them in from the side so you can finally see my real figure not just a blob from the waist up. After I wore it I could finally buy clothes in my true size and could fit into size small tops not medium to large because my boobs were too big. This bra really changed my life.

I love the rounded shape and I like that it keeps all my boobs in. It is a full cup bra so it protects my boobs from all sides. There is no need to buy minimiser bras because if you find your true bra size then any balconette or full cup bra will do the perfect job.

Don't waste your time with minimiser bras I can't stand them they are all ugly. Just get fitted to your right size then you can pick and chose any pretty bra and it will do the job.

Originally I bought the Lucy Bra by Freya in a gorgeous black colour with coloured flowers on it. Then I bought it in the silver colour which will be very hard to come by now. I stretched that one out so much from all the wear. Then I saw the new colour in white with pink lace trim on the cups.

I hesitated in buying it in the new colour because I wondered how I would be able to wear it under a white top as the pink lace would show through. It would have been nicer I think if it had white lace on top but I love this style so added it to my large bra collection.

This big cup bra has been a huge hit and you can see why. It is available up to a J cup and is perfect for those of us who have larger breasts and need larger cup size bras. It comes highly recommended by me.

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