Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas Lingerie Buying Guide for Men

This Lingerie buying guide for men is a must have for that will make it easier for men to buy appropriate lingerie this Christmas and not dominatrix garb that will get you and your partner arrested if you actually get them to wear it! 

Lingerie Buying Guide for Men

Know her size
If there’s one thing that makes underwear buying a minefield, it’s sizes, look through her underwear drawer and check her size.

Choose the right colour
The only thing to really remember here is do not buy bright red (prostitute) or cream (wedding lingerie). Base the rest on the colours your girlfriend usually wears otherwise go for black, it looks good on everyone.

Buy smart
This isn’t necessarily an exercise in what suits your girlfriend’s body shape, but what she feels comfortable in. Look at the underwear she regularly wears. If it’s thongs, buy a sexy version of that. If she wears proper knickers, opt for that shape. Check whether her bras have padding – if most do, make sure the one you buy does as well.

Don’t play it safe
Lingerie is supposed to be sexy so don’t under any circumstances buy something she can wear every day. If it looks like her normal underwear, you haven’t got the right stuff. But don’t go too far the other way.

How to get it right
When in doubt buy a gift certificate. Make a point of writing something meaningful on the card and offer to choose the lingerie with her to make it a more personal experience.

Here is a selection of my favourite online stores and ones that always have bras in my size:

Brastop - Sizes 6 (28) to 26 (48) - Cup Sizes D - K

Bravissimo - Sizes 6 (28) to 18 (40) - Cup Sizes D to L

Debenhams - Sizes 6 (28) to 26 (48) - Cup Sizes D to K

Figleaves - Sizes 6 (28) to 34 (56) - Cup Sizes A to K

Freshpair -  Sizes 8 (30) to 22 (44) - Cup Sizes A to H

Only ships to the UK
Simply Yours - Sizes 6 (28) to 34 (56) - Cup Sizes A to L

Only ships to the US
Bare Sizes 6 (28) to 34 (56) - Cup Sizes DD to J

Please note sizes are transferred to Australian sizing. The ones in brackets are for the UK. The ones listed under shipping to the US is in US sizes.

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