Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Latisha Balconette Bra by Freya

Freya Latisha Underwire Plunge Bra

The Freya Latisha Balconette Bra I am wearing above is one of my favourites. Unfortunately you can't see it too well (go through link above for a better view) but I just love this photo. I love the yellow wall it's so spunky.

Anyway what I love about the bra is it's bohemian vibe and the burst of bubble colour in purple, orange and pink tones. The shape is based on the popular Pollyanna bra. It is really supportive and I wear it on those days when I need that extra support.

I find the Freya Latisha Balconette Bra separates my boobs so they sit apart  but it's a different look which I don't mind. I like trying different styles especially ones that have such a funky print.

The main thing is that my boobs are supported and they look smaller so I can fit into my right size top not a top where I have to buy a size larger because my boobs won't fit in it. Thankfully this is a problem I don't have any more which makes me ecstatically happy.

I love the rich silky black fabric, the burst of bubble colour and the lace. The vibrant violet coloured bows add that magic touch. They are so cute.

You can also get the Freya Latisha Short from Brastop or the Freya Latisha Brief from Bravissimo which I am wearing above.

Please note this is not a new style and limited sizes are available so be quick if you want your own bohemian style.

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