Thursday, 17 November 2011

La Perla Lingerie worn by Kylie Sold at Auction

Here is some fun news. The La Perla lingerie Kylie Minigue wore on the front cover of her 2012 calendar has been sold at auction for around £5000 ($7850 Australian dollars).

The lucky winner who has chosen to remain anonymous gets the red silk bra, briefs and sheer camisole plus a signed copy of the calendar.

All the money raised from the auction will go to The Study Vox Foundation which Kylie is the patron of.

The StudyVox Foundation is the charitable arm of StudyVox FM Limited.

The aims of The StudyVox Foundation are:

•To advance education and relieve poverty by providing or assisting in the provision of financial or other assistance to poor young people;

•To relieve persons who are in need by reason of youth, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage; and

•To advance citizenship by assisting, encouraging or facilitating volunteering by young people to take part in projects, purposes or events that are carried out for the public benefit.

If you are feeling generous why not mosey over to The Study Vox Foundation and donate today!

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