Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Get trapped at Boobytrap Warehouse

I was reading the weekly newsletter from the Butterfly Collection which mentioned Booby Trap. I Googled it and instead came across Boobytrap Warehouse.

Boobytrap has over 30,000 bras available with heaps of great, sales, savings and offers and free shipping within Australia with orders over $75. They also ship overseas but check with them before you put in an order.

Bras at Boobytrap Warehouse are available in sizes from 4A - 28H. If you are not sure about your size just click on what you think it might be along the pink ruler on the top or bottom of the website and then it will show you the sizing from many other different nations. See example below:

Australia & N.Z. = Size 12
US/UK = Size 34
European/Japanese = Size 75
French/Belgium Spanish=Size 90
Italian/Czech Republic = Size 2

I find this incredibly considerate and thoughtful. I also love searching by my size because I rarely find anything in my size.  I did have a search and found 1 bra but it's better than most which is usually none!

Searching by size saves me heaps of time as I usually spend ages searching through bra sites see a bra I like and then find it doesn't come in my size and get frustrated as I have wasted all that time.

At Boobytrap Warehouse you can purchase everything from bras, hosiery briefs, shapewear, corsets and gift vouchers.

There is a retail store in South Australia which is open everyday (oh how I miss doing some decent shopping on Sunday it's killing me here in Perth) or just shop online which is what I always do. So much easier.

I also had a quiet chuckle when I saw the warehouse is situated on Sir Donald Bradman Drive! Of course Don Bradman being a legendary Australian cricketer! I am sure he would of had a quiet chuckle too being the great gentleman that he was.

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