Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Freya advice on swimwear for big busts and curves

Freya reveals some tips on swimwear for big busts and curves for those who are considering covering up their curves instead of wearing a bikini or swimsuit.

Do not let your love for beautiful bikinis and swimsuits go away! Wear them proudly! Here are a few simple ways that can help you look a million dollars in your swimwear for big busts and curves:

Be CLEVER with your CLEAVAGE...

• 80% of us are wearing the wrong size bra, so make sure your bikini bra top is the right size for you.

• Go and get professionally fitted and choose a bikini top that is your bra size. This will vastly improve posture, comfort and will take inches off the silhouette.

• Make sure your bust is fully contained within the bra, if it is bulging you need to wear another size.

• Make sure your bikini straps are tight enough. You should not be able to put your fingers under the

• Wear your bikini top on the loosest hook, then as you wash and wear the item more, you can tighten it.

A great bikini top to show off some sexy cleavage that will have the boys falling over themselves at the beach is the Eclipse Soft Triangle Top. Don't think this comes in your size wrong. It goes up to an F Cup.

Try a few TUMMY TRICKS...

• If you don't fancy braving it in a bikini top, wear a tankini or swimsuit with a plunging neck, this will give you great shape across your chest and make your legs look longer, drawing attention away from your tummy. A fabulous choice can be seen with the Black Pier halter suit from Freya swim.


• Not keen on your thighs? You don't need to cover up completely! Why not go for a bikini bottom with drawstring sides that can be adjusted to suit your shape. These can be lengthened or shortened depending on how much coverage you want. Try the Bardot skirted brief which can be lengthened down the thigh.

• Choose a bikini or swimsuit that comes with a swim skirt like the too cute Freya Swim Pier Latino Bikini Brief which comes in manmy colours. Not only will this accentuate the swim pieces, but it is really practical for swimming or lazing on the beach.

There is some beautiful swimwear for big busts and curves so don’t cover up this Summer show it off!

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