Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Fairytale Bra

The Fairytale Bra by Faubourg which is exclusive to Bravissimo is a wonderfuly dreamy bra with a stunning burst of colour along the centre of the cups from the floral embroidery.

The Fairytale Bra is the type of bra that I would not leave just for special occasions this it the type of bra I would wear all the time because it is just too beautiful to sit in the draw waiting for it's time to shine.

It reminds me of those emails you get which implores you to seize the day. Why wait for a special occasion to take out the good silver or the good china or wear that beautful dress or those gorgeous shoes with the towering heel that make you feel like you will fall over if you do wear them.

Well I ask you what is wrong with falling? Why not fall then just pick yourself up!

Now is the time to wear the Fairytale Bra, today is the day to use the good silver and china, today is the day you should wear that beautiful dress you have yet to wear or wear only on special occasions and match it with those towering heels!

No-one knows what tomorrow will bring and now is the only moment we ever have so now is when you should have your fairytale moments and feel like a princess and that is what you should think of when you wear the Fairytale Bra that now is your moment and this is your time. Seize the day!

The fairytale is waiting to begin today and the Fairytale Bra will help you begin your journey!

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