Thursday, 3 November 2011

Bra Angel Bra Care Kit

I stumbled across the Bra Angel Care Kit on my daily jaunt through the internet and thought it was a wonderful invention. So did the British Inventors Society who gave it a Gold Award for Invention of The Year in 2008 and has since bestowed many more awards upon it since.

The Bra Angel Care Kit helps you permanently repair any underwire bra. So if the underwire has started to stick out of your favourite bra then this kit will be you saviour.

And once you have repaired your favourite bra just put it in the wash with the lovely Le Parfum du Linge Balls made for them in France to give it a gentle clean and add a beautiful fresh fragrance to your bra.

You can get the Bra angel Care Kit for bras in  DD-GG cup sizes or H-K cup sizes.

The Bra Angel Care Kit contains:
1 Zipped Net Bra Wash Bag
1 Bra Angel Bra Repair Kit as featured on TV
2 Le Parfum du Linge Fragranced Lingerie Balls from France

There are many more Bra Angel products including Bra Angel Fashion Tape, Bra Angel Wash Ball and Bra Angel Disposable Nipple Covers amongst many other products.

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