Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Beautiful Butterfly Collection Lingerie

Butterfly Collection is an online boutique started by Claire Dumican and her fiancee Paul Syrennein in 2010 because Claire couldn't find anything pretty or supportive for her size 32H chest. It wasn't until she met her partner Paul and combined his design skills with Claires bra knowledge that they launched Butterfly Collection. A homage to big boobed women in Canada and the world.

"When I moved to Vancouver from England in 2004 I really struggled to find something gorgeous to support my 32H ladies. I was in my 20s and wanted to have pretty as well as practical bras - why were they so hard to find? It was then that I started planning my own big bra solution for Canadians.

It wasn't until Paul and I got together in 2009 that I had the confidence to leave my career and pursue my dream whole-heartedly", Claire said.

So I had a wonder through the Butterfly Collection online boutique and I saw the gorgeous Grenier Underwire Molded Easy Fit Bra pictured above. Actually it wasn't that hard to find as it is their bestselling bra at the moment.

The Grenier Underwire Molded Easy Fit Bra has beautiful dual spaghetti straps with pretty bow details. I love the black and silver moulded lace cups which have a very sexy French flavour especially the brief, va va va voooooom!

If you would like an Easyfit Bra of your own you better get in super quick as there aren't many sizes left - remaining sizes range from 32D-38F.

Grenier Bras is not a label that we know of in Australia but it actually has a lot of history in Canada. Grenier Bras was founded in 1860 and is a pioneer in the evolution of the Canadian fashion world. The Grenier Underwire Molded Easy Fit Bra is also Grenier's #1 selling bra.

There is free shipping in Canada and USA and a flat fee of CAN$20 for International orders.

So head on over to Butterfly Collection and take advantage of all the beautiful bras Claire and Paul have selected for you to make your boobs look beautiful.

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  1. Thanks so much for the fabulous review! I'm currently working on a size conversion chart for Australian big boobs to make it easier when buying North American brands. I'll run it past you when I'm done :)


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