Friday, 23 September 2011

What is a balconette bra?

What is a balconette bra? This is a question I got the other day. There is so much to choose from that we get lost in the selection.

A balconette bra is in between a half bra and full cup bra. It doesn't cover all your boob it is a bit lower cut.

The middle of the bra dips slightly and follows the cut of the boobs across and up which helps to add shape to the bust line. This style of bra is suitable for all women and can be worn under any clothing.

A great example of a balconette bra is the Alana Bra by Bravissimo pictured left. As you can see it is a beautiful cut not too high and not too low. You can wear it under lower cut tops and still look good. Most bras come in this cut.

The Alana Bra is one Bravissimo's best-selling styles and the one most used by their store fitters in store because of the fabulous fit, shape and support it offers. I have one in white myself and use it as an everyday bra. It comes in nine different colours!

Gok was seen using this bra to fit girls at one of his Roadshows! So if Gok is happy with it, it must be a great bra. I think it is a winner. Might need to get a new one as it has stretched a bit form all the wear it gets and this one in denim looks very nice. 

So when someone asks you, what is a balconette bra? you will know.

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