Saturday, 10 September 2011

Oh How I Love a Pretty Pink Bra

I am very girly and love a pink bra. I love it if they are all pink, have some pink and especially if they are beautiful floral ones with lovely pink flowers.

How enchanting is this beautiful Fairytale Bra by Faubourg. (pictured above) It's lovely soft and romantic and has gorgeous pink flowers embroidered across the centre of the bra and panties. What a revolutionary design. Never seen anything so stunning.

The Lucy Bra is a bra I have and it is a favourite. The one I have is in silver but I saw this one with a pink lace trim and was sold. I love the support this bra gives. It makes my boobs look small and gives a lovely rounded shape which I like.

It is a Freya Bra which I prefer as they are usually smaller and suits me best. There are just days when you don't want people staring at your big boobs. Perfect bra for those days.

How cute is this Cindy Bra from Bravissimo with it's pink bubbles. It has a lower centre so you can wear under lower cut tops. It's so fun.

Frederick's of Hollywood has a very sexy, sleek and shiny pink bra. It is their Smooth Sensation Full Figure Bra which is also one of their best sellers in Tutu Pink  and it is too, too cute. Sorry couldn't resist.

Figleaves.comhas just won the Online Retailer of the Year Award at the UK Lingerie Awards 2011. I was looking through their site today for a t-shirt bra as the beautiful weather is once upon us, well in Perth anyway, and saw this Lace Wing T-shirt Braicon in a deep candy pink. I was sold with the colour.

The description said "Amazing new fit" and it was a gorgeous deep pink, had a seamless moulded cup with pretty lace and tiny pink bow in the centre so I bought it. It ticked all the boxes and hit the spot. I am eagerly awaiting it now.

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