Friday, 9 September 2011

Jess Edwards Bravissimo

How popular is Jess Edwards from Bravissimo? Incredibly popular! She is the gorgeous girl in the photo above who also starred in Bravissimo's ad using their customers.

Jess is 21 years old and is a web producer. Her bra size is 30HH and she must be thanking her lucky stars that Bravissimo has such gorgeous bras for her to wear because where else would you be able to buy such beautiful ladies bras when you have such a large bust size.

If you want to look as sexy as Jess then you need to get yourself into the Tango Bra in Aubergine. which is what she is wearing. The get yourself into the Tango Bra also comes in nine other colours including Pink Passion, Spearmint, Deep Coral, Black and Nude. It is an incredibly popular style that has received rave reviews from customers.

Jess was found amongst 600 applications and 40 castings to star amongst a few other girls in the vintage pin-up themed shoot. It is very glamorous and reminiscent of the 50's.

The colours and bras they are wearing are just beautiful. Enjoy the commercial that was made with Jess Edwards from Bravissimo.

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