Thursday, 1 September 2011

Figleaves Lingerie

I found out about  figleaves lingerie after I was Googling trying to find an online store that had bras for women who needed bigger cup sizes. I was absolutely thrilled when I found it.

It is so difficult for me because my bra size is an 8 (30 in Europe and the US) and most online websites start at a size 10.

I was also looking for a sports bra as well and once again was pleased that they had my size. And now coming into Summer here in Australia I will definitely be searching through the swimwear they have to find something sexy to cavort on the beach with hahaha.

Customer Service
- When I asked questions I found that my emails were replied to quickly which made me very happy.

- When I placed an order I received the product quite quickly considering it is coming from overseas, usually took about a week

- When I exchanged an item it did not take long at all which is good because I am really inpatient and want everything yesterday.

- When I returned any items and requested a refund I received it quickly.

So I would highly recommend the figleaves lingerie website. They have a great range with sizes starting from a tiny size 6 (28 in Europe and the US) great customer service and easy buying and quick returns and refunds.

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