Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Bravissimo Bras on Sale - End of Summer Sale for the UK!

Bravissimo Bras on Sale is a perfect time to browse through their End of Summer Sale goodies. This is great for us in Australia as we are going into our Summer so we can get some great deals.

There are many different styles of bras with pretty summer colours from pink, yellow, orange, blue and green! Some styles have many sizes still available while others are very limited.

I was a bit unhappy as on the first page of the Bravissimo Bras on Sale I saw the Karina Bra which I had purchased only a few weeks ago full price. D'oh! I could have saved some money but my loss is your gain so start shopping.

I really love the look of the Sherbet Striped Bra. It is so fun and definitely says Summer to me and those yellow bows are soooo cute.

I also love the Broderie Bra in Apricot. That lovely peachy colour once again says Summer to me and the bra by Bravissimo is 25% cotton.

There is plenty to choose from and if its not bras you are looking for they also have nightwear and swimwear on sale but the swimwear is in very limited sizes so start shopping the Bravissimo Bras on Sale!

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