Sunday, 11 September 2011 Bestsellers

Listed here are the bestsellers for September so far. Girls have been shopping and they know what they want. You will find a mix of sexy bras with beautiful embroidery and smart bras with button trims.

There is a sexy halter neck bikini top in a vibrant green and a super duper sexy bra in electric blue and pink bra with incredible cleavage. If that doesn't have your man or woman drooling then they must be dead! Hahahaha Bestsellers

1. Joy Bra in Black by Flirtelle
This is a balconette bra that has a pretty floral pattern embroidered on the mesh on the top part of the cups and the black base has a subtle pinstripe pattern on it. It's a perfect everyday bra that will give you great uplift and support.

2. Rebecca Bra in White by Bestform
The Rebecca Bra from Bestform (previously Vanity Fair) is a cotton bra (60%) that has three panels for extra support. It doesn't have any padding. It sort of looks like a suit bra with the buttons in the middle which is quite smart. It also has a little bit of white mesh trim on the top of the cup. A perfect smart summer bra.

3. Pier Halter Bikini in Apple Sour by Freya
I love this bikini top. It was gorgeous in red but I missed out on that one as it sold out very quickly. I need to make up my mind a bit quicker! As you can see it is a halter neck that you tie, no clasp, which I don't buy all that often because I don't like the pressure around my neck but when they are this sexy I say to hell with it hahaha.

The fabric is made from high quality ExtraLife Lycra which I think is needed especially when it is a halter. It is in a fresh green colour with cute white polka dots and a gorgeous little ruffle trim.  Too cute.

4. Rebecca Balconette Bra in Black by Bestform
This is certainly a popular bra. Considering white is the number 2 bestseller of the month so far. It is a cotton bra with a smart look, great fit and support. See review for more info above.

5. Thrill Me Bra Cobalt/Fuchsia by Curvy Kate
This one in red was spectacular, super, sexy but once again it sold out in record time. But we are not talking about that one we are talking about the spectacular electric blue and hot pink one pictured above. It is a padded bra in a sleek satin finish. It gives amazing cleavage and a very up front rounded shape.

It has a fun ruffle on the edge and a pink ribbon that looks like little flowers across the vibrant cobalt blue cups. This bra is not for the shrinking violet its for the extrovert. This bra will definitely bring out your wild side. Let it out!

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