Thursday, 15 September 2011

Bikini Shopping at Debenhams

I found myself doing some bikini shopping at Debenhams while searching for the 'Ibiza' polka dot bikini top pictured above which had sold out everywhere so I was thrilled when I finally found it.

I really love the look of it. It is very sexy and has a 1950's feel about it. I particularly love the polka dot adjustable bikini shorts. The sides are scrunched and have ties that drop to the side. They are so cute and stylish.

The bikini top covers up my large bosom for those times I don't want my massive bosom showing or if I am with family and want some modesty. The gorgeous adjustable shorts bring a lot of style. They are also great for when I am having my fat days and want to cover up a bit more of my jelly belly hahahaha.

I love pink and those pink polka dots are so cute and the navy is quite a sophisticated colour. It's nice not to wear black all the time.  Let's not forget we are at the beach not a nightclub so show some colour!

Can't wait for mine to come I ordered it a few days ago and received an email saying my order had been received. Then the next day I received another email saying it has been shipped. So I am incredibly impressed with their customer service which will ensure I continue to do my bikini shopping there.

They have swimwear in DD+ sizes so it is a perfect place for me to do some more bikini shopping!

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