Friday, 2 September 2011

Beautiful Large Size Bras

Searching for large size bras on the internet is difficult as there aren't many. I thought there would be more but I was wrong. I was also surprised to find that most are in Australia. I didn't realise there were so many sisters like me who needed the large cup size in a bra. It makes me feel better.

Anyway I decided to list the best ones I found and would shop from myself. A few I have shopped from and have listed my favourite first - Bravissimo. I looooooooooooooooove Bravissimo. I must have 20 or more bras from them.

I love that Bravissimo don't have anorexic models with no boobs selling bras to larger girls with big boobs. I find that quite offensive.

Anyway have a look through and I hope you find a site that has your size bra and you immediately fall in love with it and must have and do!


List of Large Size Bra Websites

Bravissimo - Sizes 6 to 40 - Cup Sizes D to KK - Shipping Worldwide 

Brastop - Sizes Sizes 6 to 26 - Cup Sizes D - K - Shipping Worldwide (Please check site for exact countries)

Fig Leaves - Sizes 28 to 56 - Cup Sizes A to K - Shipping Worldwide

Frederick's of Hollywood icon - Sizes Up to 24F (46F) - Shipping Worldwide

Big Girls Don't Cry Anymore - Sizes 6 to 36 Cup Sizes A to N - Shipping Australia and New Zealand Only

Bella Forma - Sizes 6 to 34 - Cup sizes B to L - Shipping Worldwide

Brava -  Sizes 6 to 22 - Cup Sizes D to K - Shipping Worldwide

Storm in a D-Cup - Sizes 6 to 30 (28 to 52) - Cup Sizes A to L - Shipping Worldwide

Blest Bras - Sizes 6 to 30 - Cup Sizes C to L - Shipping Worldwide

Leia Lingerie - Sizes 6 to 26 - Cup Sizes A - K - Shipping UK Only (Unfortunately!)

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