Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Demi Diva Bra to Die For!

If you are looking for a killer demi bra then look no further than the Demi Diva Bra by Bravissimo.

Some people might be asking what is a demi cup bra? Well it is a half cup bra. It's great under really low cut tops or to titillate your partner! Hahaha

The Demi Diva Bra comes in this seductive Pillarbox Red with very wicked leopard print bows which I adore. The cups are stripped and trimmed with a very festive lace across this demi cup bra.

The underwear is so fun and flirty. The silky satin tie up ribbons on the side are just too cute. This is a wickedly fun bra set that you can get into all sorts of mischief in. Tis' the season!

The bra gives amazing uplift and cleavage while offering a surprisingly supportive fit that you might not expect from a half cup.

The Demi Diva Bra is exclusive to Bravissimo and waiting to let you inner Diva to come alive.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Vava Leopard Print Bra by Miss Mandalay

I love a good leopard print bra and I was thrilled when I finally found one in my size at Simply Yours. I have been scouring for ages and always find them when they have sold out of my size which is so frustrating.

So in steps Miss Mandalay in theVava Leopard Print Bra which just ouzes seduction. I love that the whole bra has leopard print all over it including the straps - that is sooo sexy and so much fun. Now that is what I like peaking out from under a singlet top not big wide ugly straps.

Vava the Leopard Print Bra is a balconette bra which does have padded cups, not sure why but it also has the most beautiful rose in the centre of the cups. Very reminiscent of Moulin Rouge. I think that is so sexy and seductive. It is actually quite naughty.

I say this is a very dangerous bra to have on all sorts of very naughty or nasty things could happen! Beware!

I also just noticed that Bravissimo has the Vava Leopard Print Bra in Jade and Graphite. More colours to cause mischief in!

This floral bra or that floral bra?

I was searching through Simply Yours and saw a floral bra that was really pretty.

The bra was the Fantasie Georgie Underwire Floral Bra pictured left on the gorgeous Swedish model Erika Elfwencrona.

I think it stood out for me because of the bold background behind Erika and then I noticed the elegant subtlety of the floral bra.

The Fantasie Georgie Underwire Floral Bra is made from Austrian designed embroidery and a beautiful Italian fabric print. No wonder it's so elegant.  It also has beautiful silky bows in aubergine. The cup is designed with three-sections and side support to push your boobs forward and support them.

The bra description  says the bra is wide-wired for additional comfort but I have no idea what wide wired means. It also says the bra has Opaque simplex cups for great support but again I don't know what that means either even after doing a quick Google search.

I think all this means is you get a beautiful bra that will support a large bust which is all they should say  because it is all we care about really but it is nice enough of them to go to all that effort. Makes me feel special!

Then I noticed next to it another bra that looked like a floral bra that was equally as elegeant but turns out there are no flowers on it at all but a beautiful Japanese influenced design.

This delicate design is the Midnight Grace Periwinkle Balconette Bra by figleaves.com

The Midnight Grace Periwinkle Balconette Bra by figleaves.com
has a vibrant circle and dot print pattern in various shades of pinks and purples.

The top of the cups are trimmed with a beautiful lace and the centre of the cups has a gorgeous little silky peach bow that is simply delightful.

So you never know what you might find on a journey through bra heaven maybe even a pretty floral bra or two that will take your breath away. 

Note: Simply Yours only delivers within the UK but I have discovered UK Post Box which allows you to set up a virtual PO Box in London then delivers your parcels to wherever you are in the world.

If that is not to your liking you can also purchase the Fantasie Georgie Underwire Floral Bra and Midnight Grace Periwinkle Balconette Bra at figleaves.com which deliver worldwide (above two links will take you to the site).

Monday, 12 December 2011

Merry La Senza Christmas

Unfortunately La Senza has closed down for the moment as the company went belly up during Christmas so the links on this page won't work but please feel free to view other posts or check out the online bra shopping guide for more bra stores. Thank-you. Sia.

A La Senza Christmas is a truly glamorous Christmas and one that offers great savings as La Senza is having a great sale with up to 50% off items.

Once I heard there was an online bra sale I went searching through La Senzas DD+ department and came across the Lucy Lace in Black & Red in their Brights and Prints section. I especially love Lucy Lace in Zesty Orange.

I love bursts of colour on sexy bras and this one is a heartbreaker. Actually if you break up with your boyfriend in this bra he will always think of you everytime he sees the colour orange hee hee heeeee. (Just a little mean streak coming through! I'll stop now.)

This sexy number is a lightly padded balconette bra that is available up to a G cup! It has beautiful floral lace overlay on the cups, neckline and under the bust. The shoulder straps feature double shoulder straps only on the sections connecting the bra strap to the cups.

I love bows and this one has a few. There are sweet satin bows on each bra strap with a large satin bow on the centre front. What joy! Merry La Senza Christmas.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Red Bra is the Colour of the Season at Boux Avenue

The red bra is the colour of the season this Christmas with many sexy styles and in many different sexy shades of red and even better they are available in big cup size bras for all of us to enjoy! Here is a very sexy selection from Boux Avenue each at a special price of £25 (AUD$40).

 Jen Silk Balconette Plunge Bra
This is a very sexy red uk bra set. It is a balconette plunge bra that is made from luxurious silk and comes in the colour pillar box red. The red bra cups are silky soft and are trimmed with a beautiful scalloped lace.

I am not a fan of wide straps but these lightly padded shoulder straps really suit this bra style. Gold rings attach the straps to the cups and the black bow in the centre are a perfect finish to this smouldering hot bra

The thong is incredibly tiny but so hot. Available in sizes 32A-38F (10A-16F)

This bra also comes in pillar box red! I love that it is a full support bra yet so very sexy.  The fabric is a sheer mesh embellished with floral embroidery, and another favourite feature are the thin straps, marvelous and on a full support bra.

I wish more bras came with this combination. I don't understand why designers feel they need elephant wide straps on full cups bras. Not the case not needed.

Available in sizes 30D - 38H (8D-16H)

 Loretta Full Support Plunge Bra
Va Va Va Voom is all I can say about this gorgeous red silky plunge bra. If this bra doesn't have your partner out of their minds when they see you in it then you should check for a pulse because they are probably dead! Hahahaha

This gorgeous red satin full support plunge bra offers eye popping cleavage. 

It is lightly padded yet offers good support for a full bust. What I also really love about this bra is the thin straps they are dazzling. 

Available in sizes 30DD - 38G (8DD-16G)
The red bra is hot this season and this great selection of bras I found for your from Boux Avenue are sizzling. They are such cute red bras and waiting for you to take them home and spoil yourself with.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Big Bra Sizes

Big bra sizes are not so hard to find today but only if you shop online! I find it impossible to find my bra size 30G in stores. It's non-existent, rarer than hens teeth! But online I can pick and choose from many pretty bras which makes me extremely happy.

So where can you find these big bra sizes?

One of my favourite places to search through is Brastop.com which caters specifically to those who wear big bra sizes. This week their bestselling bra is the richly embroidered Spanish flavoured Dahlia Balconette Bra by Flirtelle. It is the perfect balconette bra for everyday, available in sizes 28DD-40J.

A new place I discovered is Lingerieplease. What I love about this site is they show you when they dispatch their next orders and how many items they have left of each size. It's genius. One of the bras I noticed while perusing the site is the Gossard Enchante Plunge which is a seductive black and sapphire lace plunge bra that will give you gorgeous cleavage and is available in sizes 30DD-38F.

I also love Boux Avenue, it's such a pretty, feminine site that has some gorgeous big bra sizes. I normally go for pink or floral or feminine, I don't normally go for blue but I really like the Brodie embroidered full support balconette bra which comes in duck egg. It's a lovely baby blue colour with lots of floral embroidery on the cups. It is available in sizes 30D-38G.

One feature I love on the Boux Avenue website is that you can view a short video with the model walking around in the bra set. Such a great idea. Not so good for people with painfully sloooooooooooooooooow latops like mine!

The last one I will mention here is Simply Yours. I looooooooooooove Simply Yours The website is so exhuberant. I really love the larger than life backgrounds.They just add life and love to the bra sets. Just note they only deliver to the UK. The big bra sizes range from 30A-50JJ!

Take a look at the Florence Underwired Balcony Bra by Fantasie. It comes in a vibrant Amethyst (violet) colour. It has beautiful lace detail all over the cups yet is fully supportive. It has two-cup lining for H-K cups. Sizes are available in 30D-40JJ.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Gifts Ideas from Brastop.com

There are some great Christmas gifts ideas from Brastop's Christmas Shop. They have three departments to shop from Christmas Lingerie, Christmas Sleepwear and Stocking Fillers.

Ok so what to choose? Well you can't go wrong as all the styles are trouble free. There is nothing dirty, sleazy or nasty from Brastop's Christmas gifts ideas!

Now if we follow the rules for men from FHM they suggest you stay clear of red but all the red bras here are beautiful and classy so fear not but if you still want to stick to the rules you can as there are many other pretty bras to choose from.

A Quick Christmas Gifts Colour Guide from me: 

-White is innocent
-Pink is cute
-Black is sexy
-Floral is pretty
-Blue and Green is sensible and
-Anything embroidered looks expensive and is very classy

Personally I love the Curvy Kate Tease Me Bra and Frilly Knickers pictured above. They are sexy and fun and suit my bubbly personality and they come in three different colours so you have a good choice.   

If you are not sure about buying lingerie then the sleepwear is beautiful too and you can't go wrong with any of them. My pick here is the cute, classy yet sexy Black and Raspberry Support Cami Top and Trousers by Amelia.

I suggest you stear clear of the plush robe they just make people look frumpy and they are boring.

Also stear clear of the Stocking Filler department especially if you are a male, those items are a no-no! They are more for girlfriends to pick a few and make a cute little hamper from.

So I hope that helps. That should keep you safe and out of trouble. Enjoy searching through the Christmas Gifts Ideas from Brastop's Christmas Shop. You can't go wrong.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Sneak Peak at Curvy Kate 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection

I managed to get you a sneak peak of images from Curvy Kate's photo shoot of their upcoming Autum Winter/Collection for 2012.

In the short video you will see highlights of upcoming styles and some of the “Behind the Seams” action from the shoot.

Take a look and let me know what you think....

New Freya Swimwear Range Helps Save the Rainforests!

I love anything environmentally friendly and am so excited that Freya Swimwear has launched an environmentally friendly swimwear range.

The Freya swimwear collection helps save the rainforest by using Sensitive Life Soft fabric from the SensitivEcoSystem by Eurojersey. This is a scheme that works to protect and save the world and its habitat with the World Land Trust, and each swimsuit or tankini set made saves half a metre of Atlantic rainforest.

There is only 7 percent of the Atlantic rainforest remaining, which is home to a number of endangered and nearly threatened species, including the Jaguar. The SensitivEcoSystem works to save this rainforest and wildlife habitats.

The eco-friendly collection offers a number of benefits, including quick drying and chlorine resistant properties and performance features such as built-in sports bra support with soft inner cups made from rigid simplex ensuring optimum support and comfort. The swimsuit and tankini also have a crossover racer back with swimwear clasp and back wing which is powernet for anchorage and support.

The swimwear in large cup sizes is available from 30C up to 40H and the tankini up to a 38H with matching short XS-XL.

Ann-Marie Manley from Freya said: 'We’re very excited to be the first swimwear brand to have teamed up with SensitivEcoSystem program. We hope this will encourage others to think about how they can protect the rainforest and its habitat.'

World Land Trust is a worldwide recognised non-profit environmental organisation that aims to save rainforest and wildlife habitats. They do this by providing funds for partner organisations so they can purchase land and establish permanent wildlife. Freya has also been voted company of the month by Sensitive Fabrics.

Debenhams Tankini

Wow the request for Debenhams Tankini is really great, my opinion is why cover up when you can uncover!

How many times have you seen the same person when you have gone to the beach? People think, ohhh everyone is looking at me. Firstly no they are not and secondly who cares you will never see that person again and they are probably jealous of you anyway for letting it all hang out.

But my opinion is not what you are after here it is Debenhams tankini and the one that I found that is most fun is the Pink Oahu Floral Halterneck Tankini top pictured above. You will definitely feel like you are in Hawaii no matter where you are when you wear this Debenhams tankini.

Also at the moment Debenhams is taking 20% off all tankinis so you better get in quick to get the one you want at a great price.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Fairytale Bra

The Fairytale Bra by Faubourg which is exclusive to Bravissimo is a wonderfuly dreamy bra with a stunning burst of colour along the centre of the cups from the floral embroidery.

The Fairytale Bra is the type of bra that I would not leave just for special occasions this it the type of bra I would wear all the time because it is just too beautiful to sit in the draw waiting for it's time to shine.

It reminds me of those emails you get which implores you to seize the day. Why wait for a special occasion to take out the good silver or the good china or wear that beautful dress or those gorgeous shoes with the towering heel that make you feel like you will fall over if you do wear them.

Well I ask you what is wrong with falling? Why not fall then just pick yourself up!

Now is the time to wear the Fairytale Bra, today is the day to use the good silver and china, today is the day you should wear that beautiful dress you have yet to wear or wear only on special occasions and match it with those towering heels!

No-one knows what tomorrow will bring and now is the only moment we ever have so now is when you should have your fairytale moments and feel like a princess and that is what you should think of when you wear the Fairytale Bra that now is your moment and this is your time. Seize the day!

The fairytale is waiting to begin today and the Fairytale Bra will help you begin your journey!

Christmas Lingerie Buying Guide for Men

This Lingerie buying guide for men is a must have for that will make it easier for men to buy appropriate lingerie this Christmas and not dominatrix garb that will get you and your partner arrested if you actually get them to wear it! 

Lingerie Buying Guide for Men

Know her size
If there’s one thing that makes underwear buying a minefield, it’s sizes, look through her underwear drawer and check her size.

Choose the right colour
The only thing to really remember here is do not buy bright red (prostitute) or cream (wedding lingerie). Base the rest on the colours your girlfriend usually wears otherwise go for black, it looks good on everyone.

Buy smart
This isn’t necessarily an exercise in what suits your girlfriend’s body shape, but what she feels comfortable in. Look at the underwear she regularly wears. If it’s thongs, buy a sexy version of that. If she wears proper knickers, opt for that shape. Check whether her bras have padding – if most do, make sure the one you buy does as well.

Don’t play it safe
Lingerie is supposed to be sexy so don’t under any circumstances buy something she can wear every day. If it looks like her normal underwear, you haven’t got the right stuff. But don’t go too far the other way.

How to get it right
When in doubt buy a gift certificate. Make a point of writing something meaningful on the card and offer to choose the lingerie with her to make it a more personal experience.

Here is a selection of my favourite online stores and ones that always have bras in my size:

Brastop - Sizes 6 (28) to 26 (48) - Cup Sizes D - K

Bravissimo - Sizes 6 (28) to 18 (40) - Cup Sizes D to L

Debenhams - Sizes 6 (28) to 26 (48) - Cup Sizes D to K

Figleaves - Sizes 6 (28) to 34 (56) - Cup Sizes A to K

Freshpair -  Sizes 8 (30) to 22 (44) - Cup Sizes A to H

Only ships to the UK
Simply Yours - Sizes 6 (28) to 34 (56) - Cup Sizes A to L

Only ships to the US
Bare Necessities.com- Sizes 6 (28) to 34 (56) - Cup Sizes DD to J

Please note sizes are transferred to Australian sizing. The ones in brackets are for the UK. The ones listed under shipping to the US is in US sizes.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Beautiful Butterfly Collection Lingerie

Butterfly Collection is an online boutique started by Claire Dumican and her fiancee Paul Syrennein in 2010 because Claire couldn't find anything pretty or supportive for her size 32H chest. It wasn't until she met her partner Paul and combined his design skills with Claires bra knowledge that they launched Butterfly Collection. A homage to big boobed women in Canada and the world.

"When I moved to Vancouver from England in 2004 I really struggled to find something gorgeous to support my 32H ladies. I was in my 20s and wanted to have pretty as well as practical bras - why were they so hard to find? It was then that I started planning my own big bra solution for Canadians.

It wasn't until Paul and I got together in 2009 that I had the confidence to leave my career and pursue my dream whole-heartedly", Claire said.

So I had a wonder through the Butterfly Collection online boutique and I saw the gorgeous Grenier Underwire Molded Easy Fit Bra pictured above. Actually it wasn't that hard to find as it is their bestselling bra at the moment.

The Grenier Underwire Molded Easy Fit Bra has beautiful dual spaghetti straps with pretty bow details. I love the black and silver moulded lace cups which have a very sexy French flavour especially the brief, va va va voooooom!

If you would like an Easyfit Bra of your own you better get in super quick as there aren't many sizes left - remaining sizes range from 32D-38F.

Grenier Bras is not a label that we know of in Australia but it actually has a lot of history in Canada. Grenier Bras was founded in 1860 and is a pioneer in the evolution of the Canadian fashion world. The Grenier Underwire Molded Easy Fit Bra is also Grenier's #1 selling bra.

There is free shipping in Canada and USA and a flat fee of CAN$20 for International orders.

So head on over to Butterfly Collection and take advantage of all the beautiful bras Claire and Paul have selected for you to make your boobs look beautiful.

Friday, 25 November 2011

12 Bras of Christmas for £12 at Brastop

Brastop is celebrating 12 Bras at Christmas for £12 (AUD$19). So I looked through the 12 bras at Brastop.com and really liked the very feminine Panama Bra by Bestform which was previously Vanity Fair that will have you looking like a beautiful English Rose in the garden of Eden.

The beautiful supportive Panama Bra by Bestform is made in a smooth cream fabric that is deliciously decorated with rich floral embroidery and delicate ribbon bow detailing in a rich coral colour.

I love the vintage inspired look and traditional elegance of this bra it is so pretty.  Available in sizes 12HH-20E (34HH-42E).

I also liked the Dahlia Balconette Bra by Flirtelle in Nude. We all need our basic bras and this one is a perfect bra to go under light coloured tops. It has a beautiful embroidered floral pattern on the full cups that will definitely keep everything up, in and supported. Available in sizes 8DD-18K (28DD-40K).

The other one that caught my eye was the St Tropez Bra by Pour Moi in Fuschia Pink with white detail. It is a very cute and very pink bra that has a full cup that will support any ample bosom and make an easy job of it hahaha.

The bra has a scalloped edge and opulently embroidered cups with intricate floral patterns across the top of the cups.

It is a semi sheer bra with slim straps, I love slim straps, and a beautiful petal bow at the centre. It is just too delicious for words. Available in sizes 10D-22F (32D-44F).

Thursday, 24 November 2011

La Senza Lingerie Perfect Christmas Offers

Unfortunately La Senza has closed down for the moment as the company went belly up during Christmas so the links on this page won't work but please feel free to view other posts or check out the online bra shopping guide for more bra stores. Thank-you. Sia.

I received an email from La Senza lingerie about their Christmas deals which I was so excited about because there are so many to choose from each offering great value that they really are perfect for Christmas.

So of course I went searching on the La Senza Lingerie website to see what I could buy. Well firstly I have to say I absolutely adore the La Senza Luxury Lingerie. They are all so glamorous but the one that caught my eye is the drop dead gorgeous La Senza Nikita Bra. I have only one word - WOW!

The La Senza Nikita Bra is a very sexy and sophisticated bra. It has stunning lilac cups decorated with polka dot mesh (I love polka dots) and black flirty lace trim to have some fun in!  Sizes left in this bra range from 32DD - 38F.

You can complete the look by teaming it with the Nikita Thong or Short which both feature a stunning lilac centre front decorated with spot mesh detail, eyelash lace and a satin bow centre front. You can't go wrong here.

With the Christmas offers listed below you will get the gorgeous La Senza Nikita Bra at 30% off!

Check out the La Senza Lingerie Christmas offers and start shopping before the good ones are gone!

La Senza Lingerie Christmas Offers

- 30% Off Luxury Lingerie
- 30% Off Luxury Nightwear
- Knickers 3 For The Price Of 2
- Bras 2 For £20
- Knickers 2 For £8
- Fashion Knickers 3 For 2
- Pyjama Sets 2 For £25
- £10 Bras
- £18 Lingerie Sets
- 3 For 2 Gifts
- £10 Off All Robes
- Slippers £5 Off
- Fashion Bra £10
- Briefs £3

Wacoal Bras Presents the Retro Chic

Wacoal bras are very popular in the US but outside the States not many people have heard of this label. I certainly had never heard of Wacoal bras until I went on my regular wanderings on the internet to see what it is out there.

One of the Wacoal bras that I noticed and that more importantly caters to girls who need a larger cup size bra is the Wacoal Retro Chic Full Coverage Underwire Bra.  Anything with the word retro or vintage in the title will always get my attention and this pretty bra certainly did that.

The cups have a double layer on the outside and are lined with Powermesh for terrific support. The cups are seamed horizontally which creates a beautifully rounded shape. The material around the cups are trimmed in elastic for a snug fit which also helps to slim your sides and keep the bra anchored.

The straps are built up from the top center of the cup to create an amazing uplift and reduces shoulder strain. Add some sheer lace overlay to this sheer bra and a rhinestone bow and you've got one sexy bra!

This bra is available up to a H cup and in colours Black, Cappucino and Crimson from Freshpair.com (this is not a direct link as this website does not have this facility) which ships internationally.

Additional colours Crimson and Toast are available from Bare Necessities which annoyingly only ships to the US.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Perfect Porcelain Bra by Panache

I have a few Panache bras but the Porcelain Bra by Panache is my absolute favourite t-shirt bra. I would be absolutely lost without it.

I love Panache bras especially this one as it goes beautifully under all my white shirts and white tops and even lower cut outfits without being seen or heard from as a good Nude coloured t-shirt bra should do!

My favourite feature on the Porcelain Bra by Panache is the thin straps. It's so rare to get such thin straps on bras for girls who wear larger cup sized bras. I would love to see more of it.

Designers seem to think we need humongously wide bulldozer straps to keep our boobs up but this is not the case!  I would like to see thinner straps on all bras. There is nothing worse than wearing bras with wide straps peeking through tops with thinner straps.

The bra has a slightly higher cut in the cups but not too high it really is the perfect t-shirt bra. The key to a good seamless t-shirt bra is that it keeps your boobs in so you get no bulges, it's suppose to look smoooooooooooooth which this bra does easily and effortlessly.

The Porcelain Bra by Panache is incredibly comfortable, so soft and smooth, lightly padded and has the sweetest cut at the front, I love the shape and the cup height. All these features make it an exceptional bra which is easily able to support a more ample bosom. It comes in Nude, Black and White and is available in sizes 28DD-38G.

I highly recommend this bra as a staple in your wardrobe go without it at your peril!

Busty Polka Dot Bikini

Ibiza Bikini Top by Fantasie

If you are after a busty polka dot bikini then you will be super happy as they are sooo in fashion. There are many different styles available from the balconette to the halter and the bandeau to choose from but you will need to get in quick as they are all selling like hot cakes.

The busty polka dot bikini I am wearing above is the Ibiza Bikini by Fantasie which has almost totally sold out with only one size left from Bravissimo so you gotta be super quick to get that one. Another polka dot bikini I saw that caught my eye was the La Senza DD+ Pink & White Spot Bikini which is so cute.

Midnight Grace Red Polka Dot Bikini is another super cute bikini that is great for those with a large bust because it is a full cup bra so it will keep everything in to keep your modesty. Sizes left range from 30G - 38G. You can also get Midnight Grace as a blue polka dot bikini in sizes 30D-38G.

If you prefer a different style Midnight Grace also comes as a Bandeau Bikini Topicon in a deliciously vibrant violet and white polka dot colour available in sizes 30D-38G.

Another super popular busty polka dot bikini is the Freya Swim Pier Underwired Halter Top iconwhich is a gorgeous lollypop pink colour that will defintiely get you some attention on the beach. It also comes with the cutest matching Freya Swim Pier Rio Bikini Brief iconwith frills on each side or the darling Freya Swim Pier Latino Bikini Brieficon which is a gorgeous little ruffled skirt.

So get out there on the beach in your busty polka dot bikini and strike your sexiest 1950's pin-up pose and watch the boys or girls come running!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Popping Poppy Bra by Bravissimo

This is the fun Poppy Bra by Bravissimo

I love anything with vibrant colours and prints and this one drew me right to it the second I saw. A week later after it was shipped from the UK to Australia I was wearing it.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to find something so vibrant and fun in my size and enjoy wearing it.

The Poppy Bra by Bravissimo is a plunge bra but I have never had any problems with my boobs falling out. Love that type of bra. I love the silky satin fabric it's lovely and soft on the skin.

The centre is low enough to wear low cut tops and not have any issues with your bra peaking over the top and just high enough to keep everything in. Perfect.

It really gives you cute cleavage not too much and not too little, perfect again.

And who knows, if you get your own Poppy Bra by Bravissimo you may even be able to juggle balloons just like I can.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lucy Bra a big cup bra by Freya

I have been meaning to write about the Lucy Bra my favourite big cup bra by Freya. It is one of my favourites because it was the first bra I wore after getting fitted correctly into my right size. I went from a 12E (34E) to an 8G (30G) so I am very sentimental about it.

I was actually fitted incorrectly I was told I was an 8FF (30FF) but found the bra pinched on one side so I went up a cup size and found the 8G (30G) was perfect.

I actually couldn't breathe well in it and found it quite tight but the lady who fitted me said that since I had been wearing such a large size previously that it would seem very tight but this is how it should be so I persevered and I am glad I did. I broke it in and it has been one of my favourite big cup bras ever since.

It is my favourite big cup bra because it makes my boobs look small. It really brings them in from the side so you can finally see my real figure not just a blob from the waist up. After I wore it I could finally buy clothes in my true size and could fit into size small tops not medium to large because my boobs were too big. This bra really changed my life.

I love the rounded shape and I like that it keeps all my boobs in. It is a full cup bra so it protects my boobs from all sides. There is no need to buy minimiser bras because if you find your true bra size then any balconette or full cup bra will do the perfect job.

Don't waste your time with minimiser bras I can't stand them they are all ugly. Just get fitted to your right size then you can pick and chose any pretty bra and it will do the job.

Originally I bought the Lucy Bra by Freya in a gorgeous black colour with coloured flowers on it. Then I bought it in the silver colour which will be very hard to come by now. I stretched that one out so much from all the wear. Then I saw the new colour in white with pink lace trim on the cups.

I hesitated in buying it in the new colour because I wondered how I would be able to wear it under a white top as the pink lace would show through. It would have been nicer I think if it had white lace on top but I love this style so added it to my large bra collection.

This big cup bra has been a huge hit and you can see why. It is available up to a J cup and is perfect for those of us who have larger breasts and need larger cup size bras. It comes highly recommended by me.

Portia Balcony Bra by Curvy Kate

Portia Balcony Bra by Curvy Kate

The second I saw the Portia Balcony Bra by Curvy Kate pictured above I knew I had to have it.

I love the hot pink ribbon laced through the top of the cups. I love the cute tiny pink bows on the straps and I love the signature criss cross pattern on the cups and the shorts.

I chose the Portia Shorts by Curvy Kate as I am not a fan of thongs at all. I love the briefs anyway. Again I really love that criss cross pattern and the pink ribbon and bows on the briefs. How can you go wrong with pink and black - you just can't! It's the cutest pink and black bra.

Please remember to adjust the straps before you wear the bra or you will be cursing its ill fitting design only to realise at the end of the day its not the bra it's just that you didn't tighten up the straps!

If you purchase the Portia Balcony Bra and Briefs by Curvy Kate now you will get 20% off! So get shopping and you can start having fun too.

The Curvy Kate pink and black bra is available in sizes 8-16 DD-K (28DD-38K).

Friday, 18 November 2011

Small Back Big Cup Size Bras

It's hard enough to find bras for a larger breast but how about when you have a small back and need big cup size bras. It's almost but not impossible to get them.

So where do you go when you need a size 4 (26) back and a big cup size bra?

Beaujais designs and hand makes their bras in the UK so can make to order any of their bra styles in sizes 26E-HH. They can also make the knickers as well.

To place a bespoke order, or for more information, just get in touch at info@beaujais.com or call them on +44 (0).7977 190 305

Thursday, 17 November 2011

La Perla Lingerie worn by Kylie Sold at Auction

Here is some fun news. The La Perla lingerie Kylie Minigue wore on the front cover of her 2012 calendar has been sold at auction for around £5000 ($7850 Australian dollars).

The lucky winner who has chosen to remain anonymous gets the red silk bra, briefs and sheer camisole plus a signed copy of the calendar.

All the money raised from the auction will go to The Study Vox Foundation which Kylie is the patron of.

The StudyVox Foundation is the charitable arm of StudyVox FM Limited.

The aims of The StudyVox Foundation are:

•To advance education and relieve poverty by providing or assisting in the provision of financial or other assistance to poor young people;

•To relieve persons who are in need by reason of youth, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage; and

•To advance citizenship by assisting, encouraging or facilitating volunteering by young people to take part in projects, purposes or events that are carried out for the public benefit.

If you are feeling generous why not mosey over to The Study Vox Foundation and donate today!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Get to know Erika Elfwencrona Simply Yours Lingerie Model

Erika Elfwecrona is a top lingerie model that is especially favoured by Simply Yours.

So they sat down and interviewed the gorgeous plus size model Erika Elfwencrona to get to know her a little bit better.

Here is how the interview went...

Freya advice on swimwear for big busts and curves

Freya reveals some tips on swimwear for big busts and curves for those who are considering covering up their curves instead of wearing a bikini or swimsuit.

Do not let your love for beautiful bikinis and swimsuits go away! Wear them proudly! Here are a few simple ways that can help you look a million dollars in your swimwear for big busts and curves:

Be CLEVER with your CLEAVAGE...

• 80% of us are wearing the wrong size bra, so make sure your bikini bra top is the right size for you.

• Go and get professionally fitted and choose a bikini top that is your bra size. This will vastly improve posture, comfort and will take inches off the silhouette.

• Make sure your bust is fully contained within the bra, if it is bulging you need to wear another size.

• Make sure your bikini straps are tight enough. You should not be able to put your fingers under the

• Wear your bikini top on the loosest hook, then as you wash and wear the item more, you can tighten it.

A great bikini top to show off some sexy cleavage that will have the boys falling over themselves at the beach is the Eclipse Soft Triangle Top. Don't think this comes in your size wrong. It goes up to an F Cup.

Try a few TUMMY TRICKS...

• If you don't fancy braving it in a bikini top, wear a tankini or swimsuit with a plunging neck, this will give you great shape across your chest and make your legs look longer, drawing attention away from your tummy. A fabulous choice can be seen with the Black Pier halter suit from Freya swim.


• Not keen on your thighs? You don't need to cover up completely! Why not go for a bikini bottom with drawstring sides that can be adjusted to suit your shape. These can be lengthened or shortened depending on how much coverage you want. Try the Bardot skirted brief which can be lengthened down the thigh.

• Choose a bikini or swimsuit that comes with a swim skirt like the too cute Freya Swim Pier Latino Bikini Brief which comes in manmy colours. Not only will this accentuate the swim pieces, but it is really practical for swimming or lazing on the beach.

There is some beautiful swimwear for big busts and curves so don’t cover up this Summer show it off!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Bare Necessities celebrate their 5 millionth bra sold with a competition


Internet lingerie retailer Bare Necessities sold its 5 millionth bra and to celebrate they are giving away Five $1000 Bra and Lingerie Vouchers.

Fear not of indecision if you win because you will have also have a consultation with Jenny Altman the former Oprah Magazine stylist to help you choose the most suitable style and best size for your shape.

You don't have to purchase any items from Bare Necessities to enter the competition either, all you have to do is enter! That is my favourite type of competition, easy and free!

Their bestselling bra is the Dream Tisha from Le Mystere pictured below which Oprah stated as one of her favourite bras.

Dream Tisha from Le Mystere

The average bra size they sell is 36DD which staggers me considering most main stream labels end at a D or DD. If DD is average then they should all be catering to larger cup sizes DD+ in all their lines but they are not which is frustrating!

Now for the legalities:
The prize will be awarded as a Gift Card to barenecessities.com.

To enter you must be a resident of the 50 United States and District of Columbia, age 18 and older at time of entry.

Competition ends at 11:59 PM ET on 29 November 2011.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Gorgeous Brand Bras are Gorgeous

Debenhams has an extensive selection of Gorgeous brand bras, 137 bras in fact which is fantastic as they are available in large cup sizes so we don't miss out.

Since red is the colour of the festival season the Gorgeous brand bra that stood out for me is this Red Lace Trim Satin Balcony Bra.

The bra is styled in soft crimson satin with a lace trim along the top of the padded cups which look like sparkling jewels, never seen anything like it before and a too cute black and red bow in the centre.

You can also purchase the matching thong or shorts to complete the vibrant, sassy look. 

If you don't like red you can choose the Lace Trim Satin Balcony Bra in Blue. Love these colours they have so much zest to them.

These Gorgeous brand bras are available in sizes 8-18 (28-40) DD-H.

They are also on sale at the moment at 20% off so if you want to treat yourself there are two colours you can enjoy.

If you are in the UK standard delivery will be within 4 working days and it's free! Would be nice if they could extend that to overseas customers but I understand it is not financially viable. Overseas customers can expect to pay between £7.00 - £14.00 (AUD$11-AUD$22)  for delivery.

Summer time means t-shirt bras time

I needed to buy some new t-shirt-bras so headed straight over to Debenhams t-shirt bras section. They have two packs at really inexpensive prices so I went over and went a hunting!

It didn't take me long to find what I wanted. There were many two packs to choose from which is not good because I am so indecisive but I honed it down and decided on the pack of two black and white lace trim t-shirt bras by Gorgeous.

Since I will be wearing the bras under tight singlets and fitted tops for Summer I wanted bras with minimal lace and minimum fuss and low enough at the front that it didn't show over the front of any top I would be wearing and not too low cut so that I would have boobs bulging over the cups. So this bra would have to perform a few jobs! 

The t-shirt bras by Gorgeous only have lace trim under the cups and a cute bow in the centre, simplicity at it's finest and exactly what I wanted.  The front is cut low but doesn't look like it is too low that I would have boob bulge!

The straps are a little wider than I would have liked but they are still fairly slim so it doesn't look too unsightly under spaghetti strap tops.

This bra is available in sizes 8-18 (30-40) DD-FF.

There are many more t-shirt-bras to choose from in many large cup sizes so head on over to Debenhams  and start choosing.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Must have What Katie Did Glamour Corselette

Channel your inner Jean Harlow in this Glamour Corselette by What Katie Did.

The Corselette has cups that are lightly padded and a low back. It is available up to an F Cup and comes in Peach (almost white) and the gorgeous Black colour pictured above.

Wearing a corselette is the easiest way to make the most of your natural curves and ensures a perfectly smooth silhouette under Hollywood tight dresses and fitted bias-cut gowns.

The smooth satin and powermesh of the Corselette means that no-one will know you are wearing any  shapewear at all. The secret remains yours alone. Small wonder it's the best-selling piece in their Glamour range!
The What Katie Did Glamour Corsolette is made from satin with satin cups with the tummy panel and side accents containing double layered powermesh. 

This is a pull on style so no hooks and eyes with 6 metal suspender clips and is sized by bra size.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Monique a sexy large cup size bra at Boux Avenue

Monique available in a large cup size caught my eye when I was searching through Boux Avenue. At the moment I am loving anything with polka dots and Monique has plenty to satisfy.

I love the black and white colours in such a sexy design. The white polka dots are too cute but what I really love are the black and white stripped bows across the top of the cups. They add a very sexy Moulin Rouge flavour. 

Monique is a full support balconette bra which means it’s perfect for girls who need a large cup size. The bra is very supportive for a large cup size due to the high-tech lamination processed used. There is a secret lining which is bonded to the top fabric which eliminates wrinkles and ensures an enviably smooth shape.

Who knew you could use high tech to get your boobs up and fully supported. Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner! We could have been wearing prettier bras years back.

Monique also comes in a Sweet Pink colour and is available in sizes 10D-18H (32D-40H).

Shipping is easy in the UK as there is a free standard UK delivery service on orders over £50 but if you are overseas you will need to contact them directly to order.

Boux Avenue was started by entrepreneur Theo Paphitis who has announced the opening of his 8th Boux Avenue store in his home county of Surrey, UK.

The Boux Avenue Christmas range will be featured in the new store, which is a collection full of flirty fabrics, pretty prints, lavish lace and sumptuous silks, as well as everyday bra solutions and nightwear.

Boux Avenue focuses on sizing options that range from 8-20 and large cup sizes 30A to 40H, while offering a fitting and concierge service in store - something that will continue in the new store also.

Sensual Body Make-Up by Triumph Lingerie

Triumph lingerie's latest innovation is Body Make-up a 'new sensual concept in everyday lingerie' which will launch in April 2012.

Triumph lingerie has combined the latest fabric and manufacturing technology with styles and colours that will create a barely there lingerie collection to suit every skin tone.

Body Make-Up is designed to look invisible under clothing and offer a new level of comfort. It will be lightweight, breathable and as sensuous as silk.

The Sensitive fabric will hug the contours of your body to fit like a second skin by using laser cut edges, bonded seams and extra-flat straps to provide subtle support and shaping.

The Triumph lingerie collection will include three styles of T-shirt bra, four styles of brief, a slip skirt and slip dress.

The skin flattering tones they will use include pure white, vanilla and coffee sugar and seasonal shades will be cherry pink and violet.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Get trapped at Boobytrap Warehouse

I was reading the weekly newsletter from the Butterfly Collection which mentioned Booby Trap. I Googled it and instead came across Boobytrap Warehouse.

Boobytrap has over 30,000 bras available with heaps of great, sales, savings and offers and free shipping within Australia with orders over $75. They also ship overseas but check with them before you put in an order.

Bras at Boobytrap Warehouse are available in sizes from 4A - 28H. If you are not sure about your size just click on what you think it might be along the pink ruler on the top or bottom of the website and then it will show you the sizing from many other different nations. See example below:

Australia & N.Z. = Size 12
US/UK = Size 34
European/Japanese = Size 75
French/Belgium Spanish=Size 90
Italian/Czech Republic = Size 2

I find this incredibly considerate and thoughtful. I also love searching by my size because I rarely find anything in my size.  I did have a search and found 1 bra but it's better than most which is usually none!

Searching by size saves me heaps of time as I usually spend ages searching through bra sites see a bra I like and then find it doesn't come in my size and get frustrated as I have wasted all that time.

At Boobytrap Warehouse you can purchase everything from bras, hosiery briefs, shapewear, corsets and gift vouchers.

There is a retail store in South Australia which is open everyday (oh how I miss doing some decent shopping on Sunday it's killing me here in Perth) or just shop online which is what I always do. So much easier.

I also had a quiet chuckle when I saw the warehouse is situated on Sir Donald Bradman Drive! Of course Don Bradman being a legendary Australian cricketer! I am sure he would of had a quiet chuckle too being the great gentleman that he was.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Seductive Taylor Bra by Freya

The Taylor Bra by Freya has been receiving rave reviews all over the net and it's not hard to see why.
I personally don't like jumping on any bandwagon, I like to dance to the beat of my own drum but I have to mention the Taylor Bra by Freya as well.

Normally when I buy a plunge bra I am usually dissapointed as I have a very full bosom on top and my cup runneth over so to speak hahaha but the print design and style of this bra is too beautiful to say no too. I love the retro look.

The pinstripes, gold velvet ribbon and lace trim are seductively elegant. It really is a stunning bra set.

The Taylor Shorts are so elegant ( I am not a fan of thongs at all). You can also get a high waisted brief (not available through Bravissimo) which is very sexy and will hide a mutitude of sins under any sexy fitted dress you want to wear during the festive season or any season for that matter.

Available in sizes:
28D - G
36D - GG
38D - G

The Exuberant Bettie Mae Bra by Bravissimo

I love the juicy, zesty orange colour of this gorgeous new bra by Bravissimo called Bettie Mae. I love the exuberant colour, the black velvet trim on the cups and the black polda dots are just too cute on this fun retro inspired design.

The matching Bettie Mae brief has a key hole cut out and a too cute large fun bow on the back making this a must buy for this festive season. It definitely says Christmas party time then party back at my house with lots of fun in store hahahahaha.

The Bettie Mae which is exclusive to Bravissimo will definitely have you dancing around and feeling great, how can you not with such a vibrant colour

The bra is lightly padded to allow for a great shape and its low plunging style makes it incredibly versatile for wearing under lower cut outfits.

Available in size 6 (28) DD - 16 (38) J.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Dotty Drawers

Dotty Drawers was created and brought to life by Dotty who has been in the lingerie industry for the past 12 years working with some of the biggest brands in fashion and lingerie design spending years creating beautiful collections and nipple tassels for celebrities, burlesque shows, fashion and TV.

Now Dotty is putting her own little dot on the world, combining her experience, skill and expertise to bring all of you gorgeous ladies and gents out there your own little bit of Dotty. Dotty Drawers is a unique blend of cheeky, fun and beautifully constructed lingerie - made especially for you.

The first collection is an original, limited edition range of hand-made nipple tassels and tie-sided knickers in a variety of signature Dotty fabrics.

Designed from the heart, with gallons of fun and hand made with love in the UK, Dotty hopes to awaken the Burlesque girl in you!

The design that caught my eye is the Butterfly Set which is pictured above in baby pink cotton (I love cotton I wish designers would use it more) with black polka dot print, this tie side set is trimmed with black French lace, big black girly bows and a gold butterfly charm, so you can flutter away in this adorable set.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Win Stunning 4 Piece Lingerie Set by Esty Lingerie

Esty Lingerie have just launched their best giveaway ever!

As a specialist in independent lingerie designers they have decided to team up with 4 of the many independent designers who sell through their online boutique to put together a stunning, luxurious, 4-piece lingerie set that is up for grabs just in time for Christmas.

The prize will be handmade especially for the winning entrant by the four designers immediately after the competition closes on Dec 1st 2011, meaning that it will arrive perfectly on time to either wear yourself or give as a luxurious Christmas gift to your partner.

Included in the 4-piece, baby pink set are a pair of Swarovski-crystal pasties by Sass A Frass Designs, a Venetian lace garter by JL Weddings, a tie-side brief by Jennifer Pierre and a satin brocade eye mask by Love Me Sugar.

All you have to do to enter is simply subscribe to Esty Lingeries newsletter here on or before November 31st 2011. View full entry details and terms and conditions here.

Well what are you waiting for off you go, start subscribing!
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